I Just Put Google Ads on MinnesotaSportsFan.com and I Hate Them.

I’ve spent my entire day putting Google AdSense ads on MinnesotaSportsFan.com. If you are reading this post then you probably see them. They are hideous and I hate them. They are extra ugly right now because we’re getting the cheapest ones (mostly text), since I just reactivated them. We used to have google ads on here 2 years ago but our traffic was too light for them to make any money (and I hate them, like I said) so I took them down.

But now, we are a credentialed Gopher Football media outlet, we consistently get more traffic, and I don’t have time to call advertisers every day to do follow-ups and live the ad-sales life… because I have other shit to do… like get people to come to this website while still having time to take care of my kids and fight with my wife. So for now, you get shitty google ads and then this angry blog because they are now making my beautiful website look like shit.

CALLING ALL ADVERTISERS: email me, call me, text me, message me, DM me… anything (JUST GO HERE). I’m willing to talk anything between $10-20 CPM (Cost Per Mille [Thousand Views]) for standard banner ads. I will make you a banner if you don’t have a nice one that you already use. It’ll be the easiest ad experience you’ve had.

If you’d like more than just standard banner ads then we are ready for you there too! We’ll do podcasts at your bar. We’ll do watch-parties from you bar. We’ll do video or audio commercials for our podcasts and social media touting your amazing chewable erection medicine or for your real estate company. If you have something in mind, we’d love to discuss it with you.

I know most businesses are using Facebook Ads because they get in front of the audiences you pick and you can track everything. I’ll give you all of those analytics, a better rate per view, and you won’t have to fight with everyone else hitting on that target audience. I’ve used facebook ads for this website and know exactly what they offer.

This is your chance to advertise affordably, with a credentialed (Gopher Football) media outlet. Take advantage now, while I’m throwing up at the look of these google ads, and you have the upper-hand.

Eric Strack (Owner/President) | Minnesota Sports Fan LLC

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