Holton Hill Adds 4 Games to Suspension for Different Substance Abuse Violation

Minnesota Vikings defensive back Holton Hill (24) defends Detroit Lions wide receiver Andy Jones (17) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)
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Wait, am I having Holton Hill deja vu?

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Nope, apparently Holton Hill can’t get off of banned substances. Whatever he took last time that got him suspended, was on the NFL’s banned “Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED)” list (he refused to name the substance) and now, we haven’t even started training camp yet, and he’s been suspended for not being able to piss clean, again.

Given the verbage of this release this time around, it doesn’t seem to be PED-related…

Hill will now be held out of football activities (and approximately half of his paychecks ~ $260,000) until week 9. He just gave an interview to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press a FREEAAAKING MONTH AGO, where he talked about being more careful with what he puts into his body…

“I’m just learning from my mistakes, knowing what you put into your body. I’m responsible for everything that goes into it. I’m taking it as a learning experience, and I’m just growing from there.”

“I have to be more educated with like pre-workouts and stuff I take.

“Just knowing that I’m not going to be here for the first four games, I still prepare myself as if I was going to be here. Everything that I put into the tank, it’s going to eventually come out, and the more work I do, it doesn’t matter when I get the opportunity, it’s going to come for sure.”

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I’m not against PED’s and I’m not against certain recreational drugs…. but I am against getting caught. We’ll see if the Vikings are sick of it too, or if they are willing to wait 8 games to get Hill back in their thinning secondary.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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