Hold Our Beer, San Antonio (Seriously.. It’s Not Allowed): Final Four Minneapolis Up Next

In case you’ve been asleep at the proverbial wheel, a friendly heads-up that Villanova won the men’s college basketball national championship. The Wildcats’ Monday night beat-down of Big Blue secured the powerhouse program’s second title in three years.

Unlike their 2016 crown, Jay Wright’s team didn’t require a walk-off from deep to complete 2018’s impressive run. This time around, Nova easily handled their championship game opponent. In “time flies when you‘re having fun” fashion, their win over Michigan officially put a stamp on 2018’s Final Four.

*I know they’re not as bad as Bucky, but still. 

To give a quick shoutout; Thank you, San Antonio!  You did an excellent job providing a location for the last three games (two semifinals, one final) of the bracket-busting competition. On that note, you can now hold our beer. The city of Minneapolis will take it from here:

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. In just over one year from meow now, U.S. Bank Stadium will host what organizers have indicated could set the behemoth building’s attendance records. While February’s Super Bowl saw slightly under 68,000 fans pack into the Metrodome’s successor, the entire trio of next April’s games have strong potential to exceed 70,000 people.

While the in-game attendance should surpass the NFL’s big game, the influx of out-of-towners most definitely will not. The pigskin-related event drew more than 100,000 visitors. By hypothetically removing 40% of those tourists (preferably all Eagles fans), you’re left with the approximate amount of travelers for next April’s festivities.

When it comes to the make-up of those 60,000ish people, it’s sure to be a hell of a lot different than what we saw two months ago.

Per Rochelle Olson:

“unlike the Super Bowl, the Final Four doesn’t come with a barrage of corporate activations or ultra-exclusive events. It’s mostly out there for everyone.”

To back up that statement, Olson’s recent StarTribune article touched on this past week’s vibe in Texas’ second-most populated city. The people pleasing “up close and personal” experience was available to all. For example, San Antonio’s “interactive, basketball-themed” Fan Fest didn’t charge an admission. On top of that, unlike the recent security ridden atmosphere surrounding the Eagles and Patriots hotel stays, fans flock to their teams’ temporary home.

In regards to concerns surrounding next year’s Final Four, as is tradition, people won’t stop talking about the weather. The way I see it, the current stretch of snow is almost as frustrating as the fluke season that was Gopher’s 2017-18 Basketball. In my eyes, a more mentioned complaint attached to the 2019 Final Four will be the alcohol restrictions. Due to the college athlete aspect of the three games, booze isn’t readily available.

To those rattled by that news, it will be okay. The workaround to the NCAA’s roadblock is just pretending that U.S. Bank stadium is bar and you’re broke as hell:


In conclusion, if the thought of checking out the 2019 Final Four flips your switch, you’re going to be there no matter what liquid is banned (if not the game, at least the festivities). In the rare event you don’t have a good time, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, like the Super Bowl; who knows when, or if, the pinnacle of the Men’s college basketball will return to the great city of Minneapolis.

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