Hide the Pine Tar: Minnesota Twins Sign Michael Pineda to $10 Million Deal

Today, the Twins made the splash everyone was waiting for. Well…. not really….

Michael Pineda can be argued as a number 1 starter, when healthy. Problem is… He’s not healthy. According to Twins Daily, Pineda is on a 14-month road to recovery, after surgery. He had the dreaded Tommy John shoulder surgery in July.

The deal is worth $10 Million total. $2 Million will be covered next year (2018), as he makes his comeback. The Twins are banking on his 2019 being a resurgence. They will pay him $8 Million that season. It also comes with a $3 signing bonus, according to Mike Berardino (@MikeBerardino).

Michael Pineda’s Career:

The Dominican born right-hander will turn 29 in January. Pineda entered the majors in 2011 as a member of the Seattle Mariners. The then rookie, was selected to the All-Star game and finished his inaugural season with 3.74 ERA.

This resulted in the Evil Empire catching wind of him. The Yankees traded for Michael Pineda in January, 2012. Although he missed the next two seasons due to arm/shoulder issues, Pineda returned in 2014. That year he entered the clubhouse with an ERA below 2.00. Here are his career numbers:

I wouldn’t hold your breathe on Pineda going over 200+ innings in his career. Too many injury concerns to press the former All-Star like that. If he can find himself around that 175 inning mark in 2019 w/an ERA right around 4.00, the former Yankee will be a steal of deal. If he can somehow surpass those standards, that’s like playing with house money.

This offseason, Jake Arrieta is expected to land a four year deal worth close to $100 million. Our newest signing obviously isn’t Arrieta. I get that. THANKS! The point of the comparison was that the money Pineda will receive is a drop in the bucket for these big league organizations.

Yes. The rumors are true. His past includes a bit of a pine tar incident. In 2014, the righty was ejected and suspended for pitching with pine tar on his neck.

It was a rivalry game vs the Bo Sox, so I let it pass. If you’re not cheating you’re not trying. Don’t believe me? Fine. Go ask Bill Belichick. Pineda apologized for his mistake and owned it like a man. The newest member of the MN Twins didn’t go George Brett on anybody:


Here are some quotes from Paul Molitor… he must have known he was going to see some spotlight today at winter meetings, after the signing..

An educated reaction:

The first major (kind of) free agent domino in these parts has fallen.

As explained, this signing is 100% geared for 2019. Keep in mind, both Joe Mauer and Ervin Santana (2019 team option on Santana) are on the last year of their contracts. When the 2018 season ceases, those deals are done. That’s almost $37 million off the books for 2019.

What to do with all that extra cash…

This piece was put together by Johnny (@TheJohnnyMN) and the Boss (@RealMNSportsFan)

Photo: Anthony Causi

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