Hey Tribe, It’s Time to Pick on Someone Your Own Size

Jul 12, 2019; Cleveland, OH, USA; Minnesota Twins right fielder Max Kepler (26) slides into home as Cleveland Indians catcher Roberto Perez (55) is late with the tag during the seventh inning at Progressive Field. Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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Well, it’s been a rough couple days for the Twins pitching staff. After Berrios got shelled in atypical fashion on Tuesday night, Martin Perez turned around on Wednesday afternoon and might have been worse. Our bats may not have belted crooked numbers onto the scoreboard as early and often as Atlanta did, but we still scored 7 runs in each of the past two games, to go with the 5-spot they put up in the only W from game 1.

6.3333333333333333333 runs per game will win you a lot contests… unless you give up double-digit runs yourself.. BUT luckily for us, Cleveland is coming to town for a 4-game set that starts today and their lineup isn’t Atlanta’s.

This sereies (and the 10 remaining games with Cleveland) should prove interesting because we are exact opposites of each other. The Indians have a stacked pitching staff and the Twins hit bombs.

Look, the Atlanta series was frustrating but the bats were there. The pitching won’t be that bad (nor will the Indians be that good offensively). And the Twins have been RAKING. You saw the runs we put up vs the Braves but if you go back 17 games, you’ll only find 3 of them where the Twins scored less than 4 runs.

The Indians just did the same thing to the Rangers, that the Braves did to us. They lost on Monday in the series opener, before Tuesday’s game was rained out, which made Wednesday a double-header… that they swept. Cleveland has been the hottest team in baseball for two months but they’ve played shit teams and taken advantage (especially Detroit)… and have struggled all season vs the good ones. Seriously… look at this (via Baseball-Reference):

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After 4 games with us, Cleveland will go on to play the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Mets. We all know about the Yankees but both Boston and the other team in New York are over .500 currently too. Meanwhile, the Twins will go to Milwaukee and Texas before GET THIS… 13 STRAIGHT GAMES VS THE TIGERS AND WHITE SOX, who have a combined record of: 83-139.

What’s really exciting about this series is that it will showcase the first 4 of 10 games that these two teams will play against each other, through the rest of this season. If one team runs away with those games, that could be your next division winner. If those ten games are played close, it’ll come down to who can beat up on the many bad teams remaining on both schedules, while winning more than they lose vs the good ones.

Baseball that matters in August and September… Let’s fucking go.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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