What Would You Do if You Drained a 125′ Putt for $100K Like This Guy???

Over the weekend, The Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show took over the Minneapolis Convention Center.

It was the largest such event in the upper Midwest, that featured a putting contest. Until Sunday, no one in the 28 year history of the show had been able to convert on the long distance attempt. Unlike Tiger Woods’ Major Championship drought, this dry spell has been put to bed:

Buckets! Not since Happy Gilmore played his ball off the fallen camera tower, to beat Shooter McGavin, have I seen such a low percentage putt find the cup. The man behind the 120 foot make, Paul Shadle, resides in Rosemount. For his spectacular display, the Minnesotan won a South Bay Pontoon boat valued at $75K, along with $25K cash.

Whether or not the 49 year-old’s career as a pilot assisted in his conversion is unclear. If you’re asking me, it absolutely did. Sunday’s golf contest was a long distance, straight lined attempt. Shadle does that, with a f*cken airplane, for a living. What’s a little golf ball to him? Not shit. Also, the ice in his veins is reminiscent of another steady-handed navigator:

Coincidence or nah?

The entry fee for the putting contest was $5. If you turned one Abe Lincoln (Happy President’s Day) into six figures worth of assets, how would you respond? Would it be just another day at the office like it probably was for Paul? Or do the dollar signs you start to see cause a full-blown eruption?

To each their own.

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