Graterol, Astudillo Among Official September Call-Ups This Morning

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We had been hearing rumors about this happening over the last couple of days, once rosters expanded in September, and now it is official. Brusdar Graterol is on his way to the big club, among a handful of others (more on them in a second). Graterol’s first pitch of his MLB career will likely be the hardest pitch ever thrown by a Twins pitcher, as long as it’s a fastball of course. He’s been touching 103 in the minors all season and the hardest pitch the Twins have on record is 100.3 MPH, thrown by Juan Morillo in 2009 (I don’t know who that is either).

I wrote about this a few days ago but the Twins are going to need Graterol, and the Twins entire bullpen, to be on the top of its game when the playoffs get rolling. They proved again last night, with Martin Perez on the mound, that we have absolutely zero depth in our starting rotation. The Twins will also bring up pitching coach, Cibney Bello, who has been working closely with Graterol all season.

If the Minnesota Twins are going to make any noise in the 2019 MLB Playoffs, they will need their once-rotten bullpen to be the cleanest part of their team.

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The Other Call Ups

I can’t imagine Martin Perez being a lock in the starting rotation anymore so that could be Devin Smeltzer’s new role until playoff time comes. He can be effective out of the bullpen though too. I don’t know how much Stewart will help the Twins at this point. He’s been given a lot of chances. Hopefully Littel is here to stay, so we don’t have to see anymore temper tantrums.

The biggest impacts (outside of Graterol, hopefully) will be Willians Astudillo and LaMonte Wade. We all know the diversity that The Turtle  brings to your lineup and Wade has been ready to play outfield in the big leagues for a year or two now. Both will be big time while we wait for Buxton’s return.

There seem to be a couple of names missing, for young pitchers who could help the Twins in this playoff race, but Jorge Alcala pitched last night and Jhoan Duran pitched the night before. There is still room for those guys, when they are rested.

Let the fun begin! I want to see Graterol tonight sooooooooooo badly now…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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