Gophers New QB Max Brosmer Had So Many Transfer Portal Suitors He Left Most on Read

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The transfer portal is a crazy place to hang out, as a highly coveted division one college football player and new Minnesota Gophers quarterback, Max Brosmer, knows that better than anyone. The senior grad transfer loved his teammates, coaches and the school of New Hampshire, which he played a big part in turning into an FCS power the past couple of seasons.

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Brosmer sat down with KFAN producer and Gophers football sideline reporter, Justin Gaard, last week to talk about a variety of topics, including his upbringing, time at New Hampshire and in the transfer portal, along with his thoughts on PJ Fleck both before and after landing in Dinkytown.

For some quick context, it’s important to remember how early the Gophers jumped in on Brosmer, not to mention how quickly they were able to pull him out of the portal. Minnesota ended up as Max’s only official power five offer.

So many transfer portal suitors, Max Brosmer couldn’t keep up

The other offers he tweeted out back in November were from Western Michigan, Western Kentucky and Buffalo. But as it turns out, that wasn’t because he lacked suiters. In fact, it was likely the opposite. His small time in the transfer portal got so insane after his Minnesota offer that he couldn’t even respond to all of the schools that were calling and messaging him.

“I was blessed to be in the spot that I was in. Coming into the portal I was a higher rated recruit and I hadn’t been there before. Out of high school, I was a very low rated recruit. Now all of a sudden, people are like, ‘oh this Max Brosmer kid…,’ I’ve never been there before, I didn’t know what that felt like. Now I do.”

“I had so many people reach out to me that, like, I would respond — take a break — respond — take a break. And there’s just messages flying down my Twitter. And I felt bad because, you know, I don’t like to burn bridges, I like to make sure that people are in the loop and I felt bad because I couldn’t respond to some people. It was kind of eating at me a little bit. And I was like, ‘alright, just take a breath, this is the portal’.”

Max Brosmer – Golden Gopher Podcast

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Any time you’re a power five football program that is trusting its quarterback duties to a 4-year FCS veteran, there are going to be questions. I felt the same way. But then, you turn on the tape and it becomes very clear how good Brosmer is.

Max Brosmer looks like he can ball

He’s a really good thrower of the football and his passing motion is effortless, something we were never able to say about Athan Kaliakmanis. And PJ Fleck is excited about how he performs when shit hits the fan, which is also something that sticks out in his highlights. He can throw on the run and does a really great job of keeping his eyes downfield when under pressure. Max can run but tries to avoid it unless it’s clearly the best play to make.

But I’d highly recommend listening to Max’s entire interview above. What makes him a good football player and QB leader goes far beyond his talent. Brosmer is in the facilities every morning at 6 AM, something he has done since high school and you quickly understand why he’s going into the U of M medical program. He’s an articulate and very thoughtful kid.

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I’ve gotten overhyped on Minnesota Gophers quarterbacks while running this website one too many times, so I’m going to hold off on too much hyperbole. But I am very excited about seeing where Max Brosmer can take the Minnesota offense and if he can become the first QB since 2019 Tanner Morgan to really earn the trust of PJ Fleck, which is the only path to success in 2024.

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