Gophers Giving Out Scholarships and $10 Tickets to Get You to TCF Bank Stadium

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When you have a product that you think is ready to show off to your customers, audience, or clients; sometimes you need to try different and creative methods, to showcase your product to more people. Remember, your customer-base is distracted with a lot of different activities and fun things to do in such a great city like Minneapolis, especially in early fall. That’s not the only battle you’re fighting, though. You’re fighting 50 years of built-up skepticism and let-down.

PJ has done a lot of things right since taking over the Minnesota Gophers Football Program (read below for a bunch of examples) but he knows it’s time to win and he wants to get people in the stands to watch it happen, even if it means giving away scholarships and (essentially) tickets:

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That’s right, get on your laptop on Thursday morning and be ready to buy those $10 tickets and if you’re a student, get your ass to this link so YOU CAN PURCHASE SEASON TICKETS FOR $100, ARE YOU SHITTING ME….? You can’t go get drunk with your girlfriend/boyfriend for $100, and you could win free schooling for the rest of your stay… (trust me when when I say this… just that chance is worth it)

Coyle and Fleck are pulling out all of the stops, because no matter how good your product looked at the end of last year’s showcase, or how weak your schedule looks for this year’s, fans still need to see winning. It also doesn’t matter that you’ve been dramatically making your product measurably better¬†with young and so-far reliable talent, since taking over a few years ago.

It doesn’t even matter that your new and held-over talent gets into trouble FAR LESS often than anyone remembers from previous regimes OR that your players repeatedly exceed expectations in the classroom. Even in 2019, that doesn’t matter as much as it should.


You need to win. Just ask PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Gophers Football team. I repeatedly find myself defending this Gopher program for all sorts of things; from play on the field, to PJ’s presentation, to perceived discipline issues, to perceived “me attitudes”, to character questions…. You name it and I feel like I’ve talked with someone about it. Yet all of the improvements in the football program, that I listed in the paragraph above, are linked to sources for a reason. They are all facts.

The only thing left to do is win. If PJ starts winning then everyone will pay attention and if everyone starts to pay attention then everyone will see what is really behind the curtain of this team, because I have. It’s a massive family that PJ is creating in that Gopher locker room and into the entire athletic department. These guys really seem to love and hold each other accountable. And, the talent is building to go with that rising chemistry.

Throw all of that into the blender with the mediocre Big Ten West and weak slate of Big Ten East games, we might just have a Gophers Football program to believe in.

So, buy a couple of $10 tickets at 10 AM TOMORROW and grab your kid for an event they might never forget or (if that’s not your life) your new girlfriend for a date she might actually be impressed by. Give PJ Fleck and Co. a chance to sell you on what they are offering. As you can see, he’s proven a lot of you wrong already. 1 seat, 1 game, and a “prove it to me” mentality. Let’s have some fun.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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