Gophers Get Big Time Commitment from 6’9″ (4-Star) German SF, Isaiah Ihnen

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After deep diving Isaiah Ihnen over the weekend, I realized that this is a kid that Richard Pitino really needed to land if he was going to call his 2019 class a success. It’s become clear that Richard is currently a better spring recruiter than he is fall and he proved it again today.

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Being from Germany and committing so late, Isaiah didn’t even have a rating at when I researched him over the weekend. It was his video that got me hooked. But now…. he got his rating and holy shit was I right… A 96+ is fucking legit. Now I’m jacked up! You can see all of that video I watched and my breakdown of him from my post over the weekend:

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This is a massive get for Pitino and really makes this class legit but there are still at least 2 scholarships left to fill if an opportunity presents itself. Again, especially if Amir leaves, the Gophers need to bulk up this class as much as possible or they could be looking at a down season and Richard’s job is NOT guaranteed for 2020-21.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan