Gophers Defeat #11 Purdue and Need to Dust Off Their Dancing Shoes

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It’s been an up-and-down season for the Gopher Basketball team in 2018-19 and news today on Eric Curry’s injury wasn’t a very good start to a very important night. Nonetheless, one victory over the next (and last) two regular season games would have the Gophers comfortably in the NCAA Tournament. Hosting the #11 Purdue Boilermakers at The Barn on Tuesday night, the Gophers were seemingly unfazed

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If there’s anything that’s been proven over the last two victories for the Minnesota Gophers, it’s that this team goes by how Amir Coffey goes. For the second straight game, we saw an aggressive and confident Amir from the opening tip. When both teams were in single digits, I’m pretty sure I saw him bark and growl at Jordan Murphy, who was going after the same rebound.

If he plays like that for the rest of the season… who knows what could happen to this team.

Matz Stockman played massive minutes in place of Eric Curry. He’s another guy who will have to be good if the Gophers are going to thrive at all this postseason. That will especially hold true if Oturu has more quiet games like he did tonight. Murphy was his usual self and he’ll be in the rafters soon enough.

I don’t think Isaiah Washington played one second… I’d be shocked if he is in maroon and gold next year.

Now, the Gophers will head to Maryland on Friday where they will look to close out the season with a .500 Big Ten record, before they go into the conference tournament. Even if they were to lose their next two (vs MD + B1GT Opener), I’d be surprised to see them miss the dance now.

 They needed it this one… and they got it.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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