MN Sports Fan (and OnlyFans Star) Allie Rae Bitter After Gopher Football Blocked Her on Twitter

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The Minnesota Gophers travel to Chapel Hill this weekend, to play the toughest regular season non-conference game of the PJ Fleck era. But on Tuesday, they found themselves engulfed in a different type of battle and it was with one of their more popular supporters, Allie Rae, an OnlyFans star who happens to be a huge Minnesota sports fan.

Allie Rae blocked by Gopher Football

Apparently, Rae was recently blocked by the official Gopher football Twitter account and she is “very f*cking bitter” about it (her words, not mine). In response, the self-described hockey mom posted a video (on Twitter) accusing the Gophers of discriminating against her because of her profession.

This very important news item was brought to light about 30 minutes before Allie Rae posted the above video, after she called up a reporter at, who dropped an article where she is quoted multiple times.

Rae voices her frustrations

Rae told Outkick that she is concerned the hockey team will block her next and that, eventually, she will be banned from Huntington Bank Stadium and other campus arenas. She wonders if the block came because of all the social media attention she got while tailgating with members of

She doesn’t see how more attention for Gopher football would be a bad thing for the program. I’d have to agree. If Rae was indeed blocked because of safe-for-work tailgating posts on social media, I can’t help but question their reasoning or motive.

“I am very worried about the hockey team blocking me next. Like, then what? I’m gonna be banned from the stadium too! Like, it’s crazy. I think it has to do with all the attention I had while tailgating etc. with

I don’t see how it’s a bad thing at all. As you can see, none of my tweets were bad towards them, etc. I tried to message them for comments but they haven’t responded,”

Allie Rae (via

Once a fan, always a fan

Being blocked by their official Twitter account won’t stop Allie Rae from supporting her favorite college football team of 20 years, she says. Her love for maroon and gold runs too deep for that. She says she buys 10 tickets per game and that “a lot” of players on the football roster follow her, watch her stories and talk with her “on the regular”, though she declined to name names.

“I mean I am literally the ultimate fan, lol, like I buy 10+ tickets to most games, to hand out to my community because I want to hype up the support for the team! And to be honest, for another story, do you know how many gopher players on the team actually follow, watch my stories and talk with me on the regular!? Not gonna name drop, but a lot.”

Allie Rae (via

We’ll see how all of this plays out or if the Gophers take action. Like Rae, I reached out to the program’s PR department for comment on this sticky situation, as well. If/when I get a response or there are updates to be shared, this blog will update too.

UPDATE (8:45 PM): The Gopher football PR department told me that Allie Rae was blocked by accident and that she was unblocked this afternoon. She confirmed with a video she posted on Twitter around 6:30 PM.

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