Gopher BASKETBALL Finish Alabama Game on 12 Minute (5 vs 3) Power Play

The Golden Gophers basketball team beat Alabama yesterday in the Barkley’s Classic. What transpired in the second half felt like a scene out of a movie. The Crimson Tide played the last ten plus minutes with only three players on the floor. THREE! Not even the directors of Hoosiers were bold enough to stage something this bizarre.

Alabama had to play basketball with only 3 players for longer than 10 minutes.

How did this happen?

  • Dupree McBrayer (MN) and Dazon Ingram (ALA) got tangled up after an Alabama bucket. Words were exchanged and a little shoving ensued.
  • The ENTIRE Alabama bench ran on the court during the slight altercation. All 7 of those players were ejected. The Tide were now left with only 5 available bodies.
  • Ingram fouled out with 11:37 left. Coach Avery Johnson is now down to 4 bodies. The game continues with only 9 men on the floor.
  • Less than a minute later, John Petty injured his ankle and was forced to leave the game. It was now 5 on 3 and remained that way until the final buzzer.

A two man power-play in a basketball game! Has anyone ever seen anything like what happened Saturday evening? The Lakers finished a game with 4 players in 2014. That’s one more athlete than Bama had, though. If it’s a first for you, you’re not alone. Minnesota’s, Jordan Murphy, is with the us.

In what may be the strangest part of this story, Alabama outscored us during their short-handed stretch. That’s correct. Kind of embarrassing for MN, but not as embarrassing as only fielding 60% of a starting lineup. It seemed just as odd for the Minnesota players as it did for those of us watching. After a 28-19 Bama run, it was a one possession game with a few minutes remaining. Ultimately, the Gophers stayed undefeated with a 89-84 chaotic victory. In a losing effort, Collin Sexton was unbelievable. The freshman phenom finished the game with 40 points.

It was nice to see Richard Pitino’s team stay….mostly….discipline during the altercation. Moving forward we should take the Hockey approach. Always dress a goon. ALWAYS. Keep that brute on the bench for when things get heated. Amir Coffey wants to swing on someone, but would get suspended for doing so? Our goon farmer tackles the opponent to the Barn floor. He hits the showers a hero, while Coffey stays on the court. There are a couple of “Row The Boat” LBs that have some extra free time…

Here is the whole thing. It also shows how the crowd played a role, better than the national Facebook broadcast did.

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