Going for it was the right call.

The Minnesota Vikings fell to the Seattle Seahawks late last night and one play, one decision really, will stick out more than any other. On fourth down with just two minutes to go, the Vikings were near their goal line and needed less than one yard to win the football game.

Instead, Alexander Mattison was stopped just short, giving Russell Wilson 1:47 to drive down the field, needing just a touchdown to take the lead. The Vikings were inside the Seahawks ten yard line and Mattison was given a hole, he just didn’t find it.

Right Call.

Now the question can be asked, did the Vikings make the right decision by going for it? 

There is a strong argument to be made for both sides, but I believe Zimmer made the right call. Trust your offense for those final 10 inches so Russell Wilson can spend the rest of the game sidelined. You have to go for the win especially with a chance to seal it. It was less than one yard.

If the Vikings would’ve sent Dan Bailey to kick the field goal then Russell Wilson still gets nearly two minutes to drive down and tie it. I really like the idea of riding the momentum with Alexander, who had been shoving himself down the throat of the Seattle defense all drive and all 4th quarter.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work and the defense couldn’t come through in the clutch to make us forget about it. That’s Minnesota sports.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan