Glen Taylor Expects Wolves to Run It Back with Towns, Gobert and Tim Connelly

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There have been a lot of rumors floating around Minnesota Timberwolves’ President of Basketball Operations, Tim Connelly, recently. They started over a month ago, when it was initially reported that Connelly, who hasn’t even completed 365 days on the job yet, could have interest in another PoBO position outside of MN.

Glen Taylor Tries to Squash Tim Connelly Rumors

He didn’t help matters last week during a radio interview with WCCO, when he appeared somewhat uncommitted to his future with the Wolves. But Timberwolves’ majority owner, Glen Taylor, doesn’t seem concerned. Taylor told longtime MN sports writer and local insider, David Shama (MN Sports Headliners), that his PoBO isn’t going anywhere. How does he know? Timmy Boy called Mr. Taylor and told him so personally.

Taylor said Connelly reached out to him “very recently” to speak about speculation he was going back to the Wizards organization where he worked for 10 years starting in 1996, rising from an intern to director of player personnel.  “He said he is not interested,” Taylor stated during a phone interview.

Taylor considers Connelly, who the Wolves hired away from the Nuggets about a year ago, to be transparent. “He said don’t worry about that (leaving the Wolves).  This is what I am going to do (stay).”

David Shama – Minnesota Sports Headliners

How seriously should we take this vote of confidence from Taylor? With a grain of salt. Obviously, it’s better that Tim Connelly is calling Wolves’ ownership and trying to squash rumors of his possible departure, than not.

Still, I can’t help but worry that Taylor is looking at this situation with a blindfold on. We are talking about the same owner who signed Andrew Wiggins to a maximum contract only after Wiggins shook his hand, looked him in the eyes and promised to be a better player. A promise Wig never lived up to.

Wolves will run it back with Gobert and KAT

Tim Connelly isn’t the only topic that Shama and Taylor broached during their conversation. The 82-year-old businessman is clearly frustrated by some of the immaturity shown by his team toward the end of the season, saying that “childish behavior will not be tolerated” going forward. But don’t take that to mean huge moves are coming this summer. At least, not if Glen has anything to say about it (and he does).

Is Taylor advocating for trades? “No, I am not.”

Nor does the longtime owner expect a knee-jerk reaction to the results of 2023 by Connelly. “Don’t shake it up just for the sake of shaking it up,” Taylor said.

David Shama – Minnesota Sports Headliners

If you were hoping the Minnesota Timberwolves were going to shake things up in a dramatic way this offseason, you’re probably going to be disappointed. That is, if you take Glen Taylor at his word.

This news won’t make everyone happy, though. Whether they were to leave by their own accord or be forced out, many fans would rather see the Wolves lose any, if not all, of Tim Connelly, Karl-Anthony Towns and/or Rudy Gobert.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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