Giants O-Lineman Surprised by Quiet US Bank Stadium


The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon and improved their record to 13-4 on the season, clinching the 3rd seed in the NFC playoffs. On Sunday (3:25 PM), they’ll kickoff postseason play at home vs the (WC2) New York Giants.

US Bank Stadium, one of the loudest venues in professional football, will be rocking. Unless you ask Giants’ offensive lineman, Nick Gates, who told media yesterday that he isn’t worried about the decibel level next weekend.

Quiet US Bank Stadium?

Why not? Because, according to Gates, US Bank Stadium wasn’t that loud when the Giants played there a few weeks ago. Apparently, we’re just nice midwestern people who aren’t mean enough to get loud.

“Surprised. Actually, I thought it would be a lot louder,” Gates said. “I thought especially when our offense is out there they would be a lot louder out there. But you know, they’re Midwest people. They’re too nice. I can say it because I went to Nebraska. I went to Nebraska. I include myself in that one.”

Nick Gates (via ESPN)

What a stupid quote for Nick Gates to let an entire fanbase pin to their collective bulletin board. Anyone want to tell this dude that most of the loudest stadiums in the NFL (Arrowhead, Lambeau, Lucas Oil, US Bank) are in the midwest?

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New York Giants offensive linemen Jonotthan Harrison (64) and Nick Gates (65) — Photo:┬áSteve Hockstein – NJ Advance Media
Loudest Stadiums in NFL

A quick Google search tells us that Gates is full of shit so there’s no point in being upset. The Bank ranks as a top-six NFL stadium when it comes to recorded decibel levels. It’s only one of six stadiums league-wide that has hit a decibel level of 120 or more.

  1. Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs) — 142.2 decibels (Guinness Record)
  2. Lumen Stadium (Seahawks) — 137.6 decibels
  3. Caesars Superdome (Saints) — 136.6 decibels
  4. State Farm Stadium (Cardinals) — 130 decibels
  5. Lambeau Field (Packers) — 123 decibels
  6. US Bank Stadium (Vikings) — 120.1 decibels

For comparison purposes, the Guinness World Record for loudest indoor stadium is 130.4 decibels and was set at Allen Fieldhouse during a Kansas Jayhawks game. During the 1991 World Series, crowds at the Metrodome reached 125 decibels.

Outside of the top-three stadiums above, US Bank Stadium gets as loud as any in football. If fat and happy regular season Vikings fans, who were already looking forward to the playoffs when the Giants came here the first time around, weren’t loud enough for Mr. Nick Gates… then he’ll feel much better about what he hears this coming Sunday.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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