FOX RSN’s Still on YouTube TV Saturday Morning as Negotiations with Sinclair Pick Back Up…

The sports streaming world has been melting down for the last couple days, after one of the last streaming providers who still offers the YES Network and FOX Regional Sports Networks, announced they would drop local sports coverage offered by Sinclair (owner of FOX Networks).

Last night, in much more discreet fashion, YouTube TV announced that their deal with Sinclair isn’t dead yet… by replying to their original tweet that announced their divorce with the FOX conglomerate in the first place.

Hopefully, YouTube TV has realized that their service will die without local sports, since live sports is the only thing still pulling people to TV in timed fashion. Nothing else these days needs to be watched live….

Whether you create a package for sports, that costs a premium price compared to the rest of your service, or you charge more for all of your plans, you need to have local sports channels or your service will die like the rest of them.

We’ll see if the two sides can get a long-term deal done this round. Eventually, Sinclair will pay for all of the stress they have put on the streaming market, over the last year with all of this local sports broadcasting bullshit.

YouTube TV might have taken the hit this time but something in regional sports media needs to change or we will all be paying more for sports channels, than we do our mortgage.

I believe in the free market, though. Someone (CBS, NBC, Disney) will want all the money Sinclair is trying to leave on the table, by overpricing these regional sports networks…. it’s just a matter of time before someone figures it out and FOX is left with “morning after” regret for their transgressions..

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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