Four Reasons Why Kings Should NOT Hire Sachin Gupta as “Top Basketball Decision-Maker”

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Hi everyone, I am sorry for writing to you so late. Something very important has come to light, however, and it needs immediate attention. The Sacramento Kings are on the hunt for a new “top basketball decision-maker” and they have reportedly narrowed their list of candidates down for second interviews. Included in those advancing, is Minnesota Timberwolves’ Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, Sachin Gupta.

Gupta seems like an obvious choice for any team who is looking for someone to lead a new-age front office that can be flexible in a variety of different ways. Before making such a big decision, however, I wanted to point out four major drawbacks too.

Eric, Gupta invented the ESPN Trade Machine and is known as one of the fastest-rising minds in the NBA!’ I know, I know… but I just feel like the whole story should be told and that’s what I’m all about.

So, here is why the Kings should avoid hiring Sachin Gupta away from the Timberwolves.

#1: Not a West Coast Guy

Sachin Gupta has a graduate degree from MIT (Massachusetts) in Computer Science. He’s worked in Bristol (CT) for ESPN, Philly with the 76ers, Detroit with the Pistons, and even some time with the Rockets in Houston. That was before he landed his job with the Wolves in Minnesota.

With all of that evidence piled up, I think we can safely say that Sachin Gupta hates the west coast. Thus, hiring and moving him there would be ill-advised, to say the least. Sure, he got an MBA from Stanford in 2013… but everyone makes mistakes.

#2: Only 1,300 Followers on Twitter

This should be a major warning sign to Sacramento Kings ownership. How can you hire someone for a job, as important as President of Basketball Operations (or something close to it), who has less Twitter followers than your neighbor kid who plays too many video games?

With all of the stock California puts into twitter opinions and clout, I’m not sure how the Kings would explain this hire to their fanbase.

#3: He’s Too Smart

As noted above, Gupta is an MIT graduate who got his degree in computer science, before turning that around and creating the ESPN Trade Machine, fresh out of school. Since then, he’s had a meteoric rise to stardom (not on Twitter though) among NBA circles.

If you’re the owner of the Sacramento Kings, are you sure you want someone this competent, this brilliant, working directly underneath you? Think about it… When you work with Sachin Gupta, you always know there is someone in the room who is smarter than you. Are you sure that’s something you want?

#4: Unfinished Business in Minnesota

Sachin Gupta was brought to Minnesota to help head one of the most progressive and new-age front offices in the history of the NBA.

He’s already helped make the impossible, possible, by helping to facilitate Andrew Wiggins to Golden State, for D’Angelo Russell. The process is far from over, though. The Timberwolves have made it clear, they want to trade the #1 overall pick in the 2020 draft, for a third and final piece to their future KAT + DLO puzzle.

Another Timberwolves trade of that magnitude could change the course of life as we know it for KAT, Russell and Wolves fans, alike. You don’t want to pull someone away from an unfinished project that big. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

At the end of the day, I can’t control what the Sacramento Kings do with their franchise and I would never tell Sachin Gupta not to advance his blossoming career. Nonetheless, I hope Kings’ ownership reads this before they make any rash decisions that could have such a negative effect on so many lives.

Do the right thing.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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