Stefon Diggs Remains the Most Predictable Diva

Stefon Diggs
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When the Minnesota Vikings sent Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills it was out of necessity, but the result became arguably the best thing to happen to the franchise in decades. A diva wide receiver that thought the grass was greener elsewhere, he pulled the same shenanigans this offseason and now lands in Houston.

At the time of his trade, Minnesota was left searching for answers. Diggs vacated the top wide receiver spot, and Mike Zimmer’s offense was suddenly without a significant playmaker. The come up resulted in Justin Jefferson being selected with the pick Minnesota acquired, and the outcome could not have played out more perfectly.

Former Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs compliments Houston Texans organization and new teammates while throwing shade at old ones

Once Stefon Diggs got sick of Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, he began his patented charade of cryptic tweets and social media pettiness. His former employer was forced to move on from a clearly dissolving situation, and Diggs landed with the Houston Texans. In his first news conference following the trade, Diggs called the Texans a “breath of fresh air”, but that wasn’t all.

“They’re very welcoming. Very open arms, and I just feel like it’s important for me to be a part of things like that. It’s genuine. You thrive in that space. You thrive in a space where you’re loved. Thrive in a space of being around those who truly care and truly want to see you win.”

Stefon Diggs on why he is so comfortable with Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills

Diggs’ new teammates may be all of the things he says above, and the Houston organization may be offering milkshakes everyday when he walks in. But it’s quite clear, in the above quote, that not only was Stefon using the opportunity to praise his new teammates and new team, but also to throw shade at everyone back with the Bills.

As has always been the case with Diggs, he is saying all of the right things while the situation is new and fresh. His talent is undeniable, but this cycle and personality trait has repeated itself too many times to be taken for face value.

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Stroud, the impressive 2023 rookie, likes what he has seen so far from Diggs but the new teammates are obviously still in a honeymoon phase. And he piled right on the “Diggs didn’t have what he needed in Buffalo” message that his new wide receiver was trying to get across, didn’t he?

“Diggs has come in and been a leader, which I’m proud of him for, just really has been unselfish and wanted to see other guys eat. That was his main thing. He wanted to be around other dogs, and he stepped into that role where there is a dog everywhere. He looks right, he looks left, there is going to be a dog. He wanted that and that’s what we bring to the table. He’s been nothing but amazing so far, and I am very excited to work with him.”

Texans QB C.J. Stroud talks about new teammate Stefon Diggs

Sure, Stefon Diggs is a great teammate right now…

If there’s a way for last season’s offensive rookie of the year to have his momentum quickly derailed, the presence of Stefon Diggs could certainly be it. Diggs is joining a wide receiver room that had productive talents in the form of Nico Collins and Tank Dell.

Both of them will now be forced to take a back seat to the veteran, but to what extent the newcomer is ok with them being involved remains to be seen. Sure, he’s a great guy now… but for how long?

How the unselfishness carries over when the lights turn on and adversity hits is something that has plagued Diggs everywhere he has gone. Suggesting that the visible sideline frustrations are simply a reflection of a desire to win would be sugarcoating it for Diggs, but that’s at least what he has attempted to do out of the gate in Texas.

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The new wideout joins former Vikings teammate Danielle Hunter in grabbing a new uniform this offseason, and it remains to be seen how things will work out for both of them. Hunter obviously has a level of knowledge surrounding his personality as a teammate, and he has to be hoping for a better ending than what transpired in Minnesota.

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