Former Twins Nobody, Casey Fien Calls Out Nelson Cruz for Past Steroid Allegations

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Do you remember Casey Fien? Me neither. I used the internet, though, and the fog faded slightly. He pitched out of the bullpen for the Minnesota Twins from 2012-2016 and hasn’t pitched from a pro mound since 2017. He was about to fadeaway into until last night, when he decided he was sick of hearing about how good 2020 MLB MVP candidate, Nelson Cruz is at 40 years old, pointing to his alleged steroid use from back in 2013.

Hey, Nobody Cares…

Someone should tell Casey Fien that nobody gives a shit about steroid use in baseball anymore. Seriously, the only people who do care, are HOF voters. EVERYONE else believes Bonds, Sosa, McGuire and Clemens should all be in The Hall, just like Pete Rose should be. You can’t talk about baseball history without mentioning those players. Hell, the MLB doesn’t even exist in its current form without the 90’s steroid era.

In fact, Fien should be thanking all of the juicers from that time. He made millions of dollars during his career and never had to pitch 70 innings in a season. Fien got paid to play pranks on teammates and spit sunflower seeds for 8 years, thanks to guys he claims, “disgraced the game”. At 37 years old and no longer in the MLB, Casey might be forced to have a real job, if not for the steroid era.

So get off your high-horse, Casey. Pick up your phone, find someone who has Nelson Cruz’ phone number, and apologize. The only chance the MLB has to survive today’s young baseball fan, is to have guys like Nelson Cruz, who hit 2 HR, 2 doubles and drove in 7 runs in the last game he participated in.

No Chance Nelson Cruz Has Been Pumping Steroids Since 2013

The MLB has amped up its policies and procedure, making it a lot more difficult to get passed their testing. For those who get caught, punishments are no joke either. Since Cruz has already been suspended for something related to steroid use, he would be suspended for 162 games (a full season) if he tested positive (a second time) for anything on the banned performance enhancing substances list. That would essentially end his career (in shame), given his age.

If you’re wondering, anyone caught for a third time is banned from the MLB for life (like Pete Rose). If Nelly is juicing in 2020 then he is the baddest man I know for not giving any fucks. He is clearly smarter than everyone else, too, given how long he’s ducked positive tests.

Or maybe Casey Fien is just butt-hurt because he’s only 37 and nobody wants him anymore (and hasn’t for years already), while Nelson Cruz is leading the Minnesota Twins back to the World Series at 40.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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