Forget the Pitching. This Twins Lineup Never Quits.

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Did you stay up late enough last night to catch the extra-inning heroics from the Minnesota Twins? If not (or if you gave up when the White Sox took the lead multiple times during that time) you missed out. I did too… I didn’t quite make it to the 11th. But, these recap videos that the MLB does are magical:

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Look, we’ve talked a lot lately about the Minnesota Twins’ pitching staff, and for good reason. There is a lot to be concerned about as we move dangerously close to the playoffs. More evidence showed itself on Tuesday night, in that regard.

But the staff isn’t terrible by any means, and what the Twins lack in pitching, they surpass in confidence and “we’ll fucking show everyone” attitude. 

How many teams can fall behind TWICE in extra innings, in a game they once led by 5 runs, and say they pulled out a victory when it was over? In all reality, they didn’t even need to win last night’s game… It would’ve been easy to fold up shop for the night and just hit the refresh button in the morning. They aren’t losing the Central, just as long as they finish this final stretch vs the bottom-dwellers of the division, over .500…. which they could probably do with their eyes closed.

Nah, why not just keep winning, no matter how long it takes. The new leaders that came into this locker room, like Nelson Cruz and CJ Cron, have helped gel the locker room into the type of winning culture that hasn’t been there in nearly 10 years (possibly longer). Throw in the World Series MVP cred of Marwin Gonzalez… and you have a perfect mixture of youth, experience, clutch, poise, fun, patience, and professionalism. 

Every fucking time this team has been doubted, they’ve come back stronger. Every time they’ve hit losing streaks, they’ve turned them around before any real damage can be done. The White Sox couldn’t even keep them off of the board for one half-inning… twice, last night.

It’s true, pitching has always been the key to winning in the playoffs… so tell that to this Twins lineup. I dare you.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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