Fleck Finalizes Highest Recorded Recruiting Class in Gopher Football History


I don’t think a bigger boat will suffice. We’re probably going to need a fleet of yachts. The oars will look weird as hell, but who cares.

The above information was from the eve of National Signing Day. According to GopherHole.com, Minnesota ended up closing Wednesday with the twenty-seventh best class in country.

P.J. Fleck and staff now OFFICIALLY have the highest recruiting class in the history of Gopher football (recruiting rankings started during Internet era). On Wednesday, twenty-six young men signed their letters to play pigskin for the Maroon and Gold. Here are the individuals that comprise the #eLITe18 class:



Prior to this year, either the 2008 or 2016 class were considered the best rated in the program’s history. With 2018’s National Signing day in the books, both of those can take a back seat.

According to 247Sports.com, the 2008 group finished with an average player rating of .8553. As for 2016, they closed with .8391. P.J. Flecks inaugural recruiting class set the new standard with .8609.

Top 5 Rated Signees:

  1. Curtis Dunlap Jr. (.9220 rating) – OL
  2. Rashod Bateman (.8921 rating) – WR
  3. Daniel Faalele (.8858 rating) – OL
  4. Victor Viramontes (.8851 rating) – QB
  5. Alex Reigelsperger (.8810 rating) – DL

Including the handful above, the 2018’s signees contain 17 players rated higher than a .8500. For comparison purposes, the 2016 class only had 6. Also, a friendly reminder that 2019 version is expected to be even better.

If he wasn’t on such a heater, I’d advise coach to set the coffee down. Screw that. Toss another espresso shot in there.

In the event football doesn’t work out (which it will) for P.J. Fleck, he’d put all inspirational speakers out of business. Highland Park Senior, Josh Aune, is one of the twenty-six Gophers that signed on Wednesday. He seems to get plenty of motivation from his new coach. Aune talked about how every time Coach Fleck talks he wants “to run through a brick wall.

Same here, Josh, Same here.

If you were a professional boxer, what would be your walk-out music?

Crank up the volume and listen to Victor Viramontes’ anthem:

If you didn’t like the song, that’s fair. He’s here to play QB, not be a DJ at dance parties.

Anywho, the official Gophers Football Twitter account did those videos for each signee. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small gesture. However, those small gestures add up. Little differences could ultimately be the deciding factor between a player choosing another program over Minnesota.

Speaking of another program, Wednesday was another “L” for Wisconsin. Earlier in the week the Packers were eliminated from Playoff contention and now the Gophers out recruited Bucky. To be more precise, Minnesota out recruited the entire Big Ten West.

I’m not sure about you guys/gals, but I’m awake. This program has got me feeling more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than ever.

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