Fight Between Chicago Bears Fans Breaks Out at Soldier Field During Loss to Vikings

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears
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Life isn’t easy for Chicago Bears fans, these days. If you’re looking for reasons that your favorite NFL team should avoid tanking, look no further than the Windy City. The Bears swapped 2021 1st round picks (moved from 20 to 11) with the New York Giants and sent 2021 so they could take Justin Fields.

To get the Giants to swap 1st rounders (move up those 9 slots), new GM, Ryan Poles, had to ship out the Bears’ 2021 5th, 2022 1st and 2022 4th round picks to New York. In the 23 games since then, Chicago has managed to be so terrible at football that they are projected to have both the 1st (via 0-6 Carolina) and 2nd overall picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Bears are so bad, right now, that they were probably the only team in the NFL who would have lost, at home, to the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, which they did, in ugly 19-13 fashion.

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Chicago Bears fans are so sick of losing they are fighting each other

Chicago Bears fans, understandably, cannot mentally facilitate any more L’s. That’s why, on Sunday, within the confines of Soldier Field, Bears faithful became so infuriated with their professional football team that they started fighting one another.

That’s right, if you were wearing a Bears jersey in the wrong Soldier Field hallway over the weekend, your face and your brain cells were in legitimate danger. There’s more action in this fight than what we saw from the Logan Paul fight on Saturday.

WARNING: This graphic video shows multiple Bears fans getting their asses kicked by other Bears fans…

As you may notice, there is one Vikings fan trying to involve himself in the melee, in hopes of saving one Bears fan’s life (the one being ground and pound toward the end of the video). But as soon as the aggressors realize he is wearing purple, not black and orange, their hostility ends and he is spared from the violence.

Thankful to be a Minnesota Vikings fan

So, while life isn’t easy right now for Minnesota Vikings fans across the world, we can at least join hands and thank the football gods that we were not born into Bears fandom, where both our mental and physical states would be in danger.

Hang in there, Chicago.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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