Falvine Will Keep Brusdar Graterol in 2020 Twins Bullpen… Which Currently Looks Elite

Phot: @Twins - Twitter
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This tweet dropped a couple of days ago and I missed it until yesterday afternoon, just before streaming MSF Daily – LIVE. Then, things on this website went a little crazy last night and I was stuck just trying to keep us online instead of blogging. I had to upgrade servers and plans because we’ve outgrown ourselves again…. which is a good thing, but caused some SSL issues on the front-end and a few months of my life on the back-end…

It’s hard to see any issues on the front or back-end of the Minnesota Twins’ 2020 bullpen, right now though. Now that we know Brusdar Graterol will continue pitching in relief for 2020, it’s difficult to see any holes out beyond the left-center homerun fence at Target Field.

Before we dig deeper into the 2020 bullpen though, let’s first touch more on this decision to keep Graterol pitching out of relief… because it’s the smart thing to do.

Brusdar has had major issues staying healthy, throughout his professional career. Last year was no different. At just 21 years old, we don’t know how long he will shoot fire out of his right arm. He has plenty of time to develop his arm as a starter but when that happens, he probably won’t throw 103 MPH anymore.

Don’t waste that gas in the minors, where he would need more time to develop as a starter. Take advantage of that flamethrower, while you can. If he stays healthy for an entire season out of the bullpen, you can look at his future with a fresh perpective, knowing he’ll be just 22 years young, entering 2021.

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Minnesota Twins Bullpen – 2020

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The Twins entered 2019 with the bullpen as their weakest link. Now, they enter 2020 with a bullpen overshadowed only by their already historic, but also vastly improved, batting lineup.

Let’s look for ourselves (2019 Stats via baseball-reference.com):


  • EXTRA: Kyle Stashak
  • EXTRA: Ryne Harper
  • EXTRA: Lewis Thorpe

The only guys currently projected out of the 2020 bullpen, who had a 2019 ERA of under 3.00, are Sergio Romo (who none of us are worried about), Brusdar Graterol (who we just discussed above), and Matt Wisler (who the Twins signed to a guaranteed MLB deal this offseason).

The Wisler signing looks weird on its face but, according to TwinsDaily.com, he was specifically picked out by pitching coach, Gus Johnson, who really likes his slider and believes Wisler can be a really good relief pitcher for this team. He’ll be very interesting to watch but it’s nice to know he has so much proven talent around him, that the Twins won’t have to rely on his reclamation to be successful.

This is a veteran pen, too. I haven’t even touched on some of the young arms that could make a major impact, including guys that we saw good sample sizes from last season (listed above), but also the guys I’m sure we’ll see for the first time.

In sneaky fashion, Falvine might have created one of the best bullpen situations in all of baseball, for the Minnesota Twins entering 2020. Now, can they get that starter who will put them into World Series conversations league-wide?

I actually have faith, that they will…. what a world.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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