Fair or Foul: Vikings Deny Giants Request to Interview Kevin Stefanski

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Vikings’ QB coach, Kevin Stefanski, was one in a handful of candidates to interview for Minnesota’s offensive coordinator position. Unfortunately for him on Thursday night, it was announced the John DeFilippo, not Stefanski, would slide in as Pat Shurmur’s replacement. Upon the breaking of that news, indications were that the long time tenured member of the Purple’s staff would reunite with Shurmur, and become the Offensive Coordinator for the New You Giants.

Well, Skol Nation, it was fun while it lasted. Let’s get ready to say goodb..

Oh ya, that’s right. My bad. The 35 year-old up-and-comer is still under contract with the Vikings. Meaning, we have the right to deny interview requests. When Pat Shurmur and his new team stuck their nose in our camp, that’s exactly what we did.

Now, before we break down whether this denial was fair or foul, if you’re not already woke on WHAT really could have happened, here’s some proverbial coffee…

As for what the “new pitch” was, it would relate to Stefanski taking over as OC once John DeFilippo, as most anticipate he will, becomes a head coach in the NFL. That take is pure speculation.

With that being said, let’s focus on what we KNOW is true. As of now, there are no facts to show WHY the Vikings blocked the request. All that we know, regardless of their motivation, is that MN sent the Giants away like the Minneapolis Miracle did to the Saints.

The way I see it, preventing a person from advancing their career isn’t fair. However, fair is a place where they judge pigs. This is the NFL. It isn’t carnival style bullshit like a swine beauty contest. A contract is a contract.

I hope when this situation arrises again, the Vikings’ front office takes a same shit, different day approach. Especially, if it involves a NFC North opponent or an ex-member of our staff. Whether it’s Pat Shurmur of someone else who took off the Purple apparel, the watch your own bobber mindset is in full force. That may come off as a get off my lawn approach, but I feel it’s in the best interest of the Vikings.

As for worries that this sets a bad precedent for future coaches, I don’t share your concern.

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