Every Pitch of Brusdar Graterol’s AAA Debut Wednesday Night

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Things that suck:

The Twins still need pitching help to be considered legitimate playoff contenders but they can really only get it off of the scrap pile or out of their minor league system.

Things that DON’T Suck:

Brusdar Graterol is in their minor league system.

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Thank you Tom Froemming for cutting up all of that video and giving it to us on the Twitter. What a gem Brusdar Graterol is, eh? Those 00’s that you see in the videos are there because the radar gun doesn’t have enough fucking digits to fit the velocity at which his thrown baseballs are traveling. He touched 103 last week… 103 Miles Per Hour…

After throwing 2 innings last night in his AAA debut, I wouldn’t expect to see Graterol called up in the next day or two but I don’t expect it to be that much longer. Rob Antony himself, said on “The Scoop” Podcast with Darren Wolfson just a few weeks ago that we could definitely see Brusdar in September, possibly even August.

The Twins know they need help on their pitching staff, especially a high-end difference-maker like him. As long as he stays healthy (which he has had issues with early in his career) and can throw strikes (which he had some issues with for a moment last night) I’d expect him to make a massive impact on the playoff race. At least he’s already had Tommy John (at 16 — he’s now 20).

In all reality…. the Twins need an impactful and healthy Graterol way more that I wish they did. Once playoff time comes, they’ll need the entire staff to overachieve, Brusdar included.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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