Ep. 30: The Timberwolves are Doomed and Joe Mauer Thanks Everyone


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00:00 | Intro
03:40 | Joe Mauer Thanks Everyone in Minnesota
05:50 | Is Joe Mauer HOF?
10:20 | Factors Behind Joe’s Decline?
13:30 | Will the Twins Spend Fat Stacks this Offseason?
20:40 | Why is Everyone Celebrating Jimmy Trade?
24:00 | Unless Wiggins Becomes Great, Timberwolves are Stuck in Mediocrity
26:15 | Timberwolves Tank > Mediocrity
32:30 | We Miss Zach LaVine
33:50 | Butler Situation Shows You Can’t Believe ANYTHING Athletes/Coaches Tell Media
39:10 | More Joe Mauer Love
42:00 | Gopher Football Won a Game
43:30 | Fleck Beats Wisconsin the Season is a Success
48:50 | Podcast Ruining Brandon’s Personal Life
51:20 | Vikings Starting a Playoff-type GRIND this Weekend
57:40 | Some Fantasy Football Talk
63:30 | The Wild are REALLY Good Right Now
67:40 | Gopher Basketball Starts Early Season Grind Monday Night vs Utah

On the latest episode of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast, we start with Joe Mauer’s retirement press conference where he thanked everyone in the state of Minnesota by name. Brandon can’t handle all of the Thank you’s and almost quits the podcast on the spot.

Meanwhile, everyone in Minnesota is celebrating Jimmy Butler’s departure and thankful for the haul the Timberwolves received in return from Philly. However, little does everyone seem to know that this trade has cemented the Wolves foreseeable future in mediocrity, which will bring down any hope that we once had with Towns, Wiggins and LaVine.

We find plenty of time to discuss everything else going on in Minnesota sports, including the Vikings mid-season playoff stretch they are about to face, along with the Wild’s hot streak and a little Gopher Basketball with them playing a HUGE game against Utah on Monday night.

Take it in. This seems to be one of the only places you can find truth and honesty in Minnesota sports.

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