Early Kirill Kaprizov Debut Gains Steam as NHL and NHLPA Close in on New CBA

Rumors are wildly swirling in the NHL, regarding different sticking points in the new CBA that is being negotiated between the league and NHLPA. With the season ready to start back up in less than a month, one of those sticking points is whether new player contracts can be signed for the resumed 2019-2020 season.

All reports leading up to today, had the NHL yet to budge on their original stance, which was to limit any new contracts signed, to 2021 and beyond. International players like the Wild’s Kirill Kaprizov (Russia), who would normally be eligible to play, were being barred by the National Hockey League.

Positive News for an early Kaprizov signing?

According to Montreal Canadiens reporter, Andrew Zadarnowski, that could be changing. The tweet he was quote-tweeting has been deleted… take that how you want.

If true, the Minnesota Wild could sign young Russian superstar, Kirill Kaprizov, whose contract with the KHL ended in May. If this happens and experts are right about Kaprizov, who knows the damage the Wild could cause in this expanded playoff format. Call your bookie or logon to your favorite site and wager your life savings.

Forget what I said about throwing the qualifying round to Vancouver over the weekend.., I’m now pushing all my chips into the middle of the table for the Cup, if Kap can skate for it.

Not over yet…

This isn’t a confirmed report yet, nor a “done deal”. It would have to be approved by both the league, but it’s something the union is really fighting for.

Michael Russo of The Athletic says the circling rumors are NOT necessarily correct. Michael doesn’t seem convinced by his source though.

We’ll see what happens. Adding Kaprizov would introduce the league’s next Russian superstar, to an already potent lineup mixed with new and veteran talent. Whether the Wild make a run or not, getting an early look at Kap would be something…

I am going to believe that this will happen. Boredom has begun to set in and we all need a little more Russian flair in our lives! Ok, maybe minus the politics.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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