Dru Samia is “DNP” on Vikings Injury Report; 90 Minutes After Kubiak Confirmed Him as Starter

Photo: SI

The Minnesota Vikings have possibly the worst professional offensive lineman I’ve ever seen, in Dru Samia. I first took notice last week, while watching back Kirk Cousins’ snaps from week 4. Anytime there was pressure, Dru Samia seemed to be getting rolled over or he was off somewhere, blocking nobody.

At first glance, Samia looked just as bad (if not worse) on Sunday night vs the Seahawks, but I thought it might just be me taking closer notice… Early in the week though, Luke Braun (Locked On Vikings Podcast) made this video of Dru Samia highlights and confirmed what everybody (myself included) saw in real time.

I don’t mean to continue hammering on Dru Samia. This is a 2nd-year player who clearly isn’t ready for the role he’s been thrust into. Having watched him closely, I don’t think he’ll ever become a starting offensive lineman in the NFL… but I wouldn’t stop your NFL conversations with my opinion.

Samia isn’t ready

Right now, however, he isn’t ready. That conclusion doesn’t take all-22 film or a degree in American Football Strategery, to come to grips with.

But if you expected the Minnesota Vikings to make a change at RG or for Gary Kubiak to admit defeat on Samia’s ability, then you’d better head back to the drawing board. While Kubiak has plenty of good things to say about Ezra Cleveland’s progress at practice (of course he does), he also names Samia as the starter for week 7 vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Did you see the Samia film above? If Ezra Cleveland is worse than that… then we should have drafted someone else in the 2nd round. For example, Antoine Winfield Jr was taken 13 slots ahead of Cleveland. How many of Spielman’s (6) 6th-7th round picks would it have taken to jump up and grab Winfield Jr, who is gunning for NFL Rookie of the Year?

Don’t hate the coach, hate the game…

I’m not mad at Gary Kubiak for his interview… What’s he supposed to say? “Yeah, my right guard options suck.” He’s incredible at telling the media what he wants them to hear, even if it makes no sense. He’s the polar opposite of Mike Zimmer, when it comes to his interaction with reporters. It doesn’t make his comments any less asinine, however.

Just to throw in more confusion, Dru Samia didn’t practice today with a wrist injury… making Kubiak’s comments even more dumbfounding. It’s also worth noting, that starting RG Pat Elflein (who is eligible to come off IR), was at practice today.

Here is his Kubiak’s interview, from earlier this afternoon.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan