Down to Gophers vs Badgers for Two Biggest FB Recruits of 2020

UW's Jack Dunn is leveled by Blake Cashman immediately after receiving a punt during the second quarter Saturday. Cashman was penalized on the play for targeting on the play and was ejected from the game. (Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)
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We’ve talked about this on our last two podcasts. If Ryan Burns ( and I can ever align our schedules again, I’ll be sure to get his thoughts on it too, during one of our next shows…

The 2020 Gopher recruiting class hasn’t grabbed the big names I had imagined this far along into the recruiting process. It’s looking awfully similar to the one from 2019, which fell short of Fleck’s rookie recruiting class of 2018.

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However just like in 2018 (with Dunlap, Faalele, and Bateman), Fleck has the chance to top off his class with talent that isn’t seen through the rest of the 20-ish commitments. But this time, they have one major competitor… and it’s our stinky neighbor to the East.

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This is a great opportunity for Fleck to kick Wisconsin while they are down and the Gophers have to be the running favorite to land both, currently. It doesn’t look like Notre Dame is highest on Jackson’s list anymore but Iowa State is still in the mix. However, if you see yourself as an elite WR talent, who is going to enter the Big Ten… are you going to choose Minnesota, under Fleck; following behind Corey Davis, Tyler Johnson, and Rashod Bateman, or are you going to go to Wisconsin, where they haven’t even thrown a pass in 13 seasons?

Nobody is willing to pull the trigger on a 247Sports Crystal Ball prediction yet for Jackson. But if they had to…. well, I’ll let the WISCONSIN writer, Evan Flood tell you what he thinks (out of his latest write up on the subject):

It’s believed that Jackson will choose between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Iowa State is there as well, but the main draw for the Cyclones seems to be distance from home. Right now, the momentum does seem to be with the Gophers, however. There’s talk that Jackson may return to Minneapolis after the dead period. We’ll hold off making a crystal ball prediction for now, but if we had to, it would be on Minnesota.

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And as for the Minnehaha Academy LB, Kaden Johnson… well, he’s already talked about wanting to take more visits and, as much as the Badgers wish they could land a beautiful Minnesotan like him, they’re likely getting pushy with Kaden so he signs before their class fills up. Flood even says that you can ignore his crystal ball on Johnson to WI, if it doesn’t happen in the next 2 weeks.

Although Johnson said on the record he wants to use more official visits, we do believe there’s potential for a decision in the near future. Should a week or two go by, you can disregard our crystal ball prediction as the battle will likely carry on, maybe into Johnson’s senior season as well. Right now, we’re just prepared in case something imminent does happen.

Why the fuck would you even call that crystal ball? It might be the flimsiest prediction in the history of recruiting. It sounds a lot like a Wisconsin writer who is worried about losing to Minnesota AGAIN, this time on the recruiting trail. But as long as Fleck stays in town, I have a feeling Badger fans will start getting used to it. We did.

Just think, if you would have let Fleck win the Cotton Bowl with Western Michigan… he might not even be here to ruin your lives for the foreseeable future..

Oh, and for the Gopher fans that want to use this article to throw things at Fleck… his worst classes are lightyears better than what Kill & Co. used to reel in…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

P.S. If by any fucked up chance, Kaden Johnson ends up playing for the Badgers…. he’s dead to me. For obvious reasons. I don’t care your age or sensitivity. There are things you don’t do as a Minnesotan. Playing for the Badgers with a Gopher offer in hand is one of those things.

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