Does Rashod Bateman Love MN? “I Think I’m Gonna Retire [Someday] and Live on Lake Minnetonka”

Photo: @R_Bateman2 - Twitter
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It was a beautiful day on campus today. It was a crisp 64-ish degrees. We heard from Kirk Ciarrocca and Joe Rossi, who thoughtfully answered questions on the game vs SDSU and then gave their thoughts on Saturday night’s matchup vs Fresno State. Then we got access to some players, specifically Rashod Bateman for me and a couple of others; and that’s when the conversation got a little deeper. We talked about the passing of his uncle, who was a father figure to him, before spending a majority of the conversation on how much he loves the state of Minnesota and the University he has now represented for over a year.

He even jumped into why other top high school athletes should look beyond the big-name schools and focus more on what is the best fit for them. Being so far from home, I asked Rashod if he is someone who gets “home-sick” and how that great team chemistry helps with the distance. His answers, along with the entire interview, was pure gold:

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This kid from Georgia loved his first Minnesota winter and when asked about his message on the cold weather, to other kids from the South who might hesitate to look north for that fact: “It’s not that bad.”

I just fell in love with this kid in a 5-minute period, with one little media scrum. He traveled a long way from home to come to a place where many told him he shouldn’t go, because he followed his heart and kept an open mind. Now, even after dealing with a major hardship that challenged that distance from his family, he has no regrets and even says, “I think I’m gonna retire [someday] and live on Lake Minnetonka”.

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Build this kid a statue already.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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