Division Shake-Up in B1G Football Seems Likely but It’s Unnecessary

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I recorded our first media scrum this week, while we attended B1G Media Day in Chicago. It was hijacked by non-Minnesota outlets who had a lot of questions about conference realignment, a conversation that I didn’t realize had caught so much fire recently. PJ was candid, per usual, and answered everything he was asked on the subject. Here is the 6-minute exchange:

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The B1G is clearly sick of seeing the top teams in the East Division continually left out of the conference championship game because only one team can come out of that division. I can’t blame them. Especially if they think it’s costing them their places in the College Football Playoff.

The current alignment definitely has its upsides, though. I’m certainly glad that we don’t have to be better than (or play against every season) the Ohio States, Michigans, and Michigan States of the B1G world in order to be successful year in and year out. 

It’s a rivalry thing too. The B1G wants Michigan vs Minnesota every year again, or at least much more often; along with some of its other old rivalries that are losing steam in the current setup. PJ thinks you can have those rivalry games every year, while still keeping divisions the same. I’m not as sure that’s possible…

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Honestly, I don’t really care what the B1G does, regarding conference alignment. The Gophers are going to be as good as everyone in the East moving through the next handful of seasons anyway. The West is rising (another talking point of Media Days), partly due to the way the divisions are aligned currently.

I agree with PJ, on the best course of action. Stay the course. The market adjusts to its new atmosphere but you need to let that atmosphere settle before the adjustments can take place. We moved to East and West, from “Legends and Leaders” just 5 or 6 years ago. Yes, the East has dominated but that’s something decision-makers should have seen when that realignment first took place. Now, you can see the market adjusting. Another change would be late and cause more unforeseen consequences (just like the previous two have).

But, do whatever…. because the Gophers are coming no matter.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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