Demry Croft Blames U of M Departure and “Uncomfortable Environment” on Kicked Door…

As #RowTheBoat Nation knows, P.J. Fleck now has his QB of the future (for 2018 at least… don’t sleep on who he finds for 2019..). On Monday, Victor Viramontes made his commitment to the Gophers official. This news came a day after it was announced our 2017 QB, Demry Croft, will be leaving the program. Croft released a VERY interesting statement regarding his departure:

Alright, so let’s catch you up quickly. Demry was suspended earlier this year and we didn’t know why. We just knew he wasn’t rowing properly. Now, Demry is claiming the suspension was due to him allegedly damaging a door…


Wait, what? Not poor grades? Not attendance issues? Not drinking? No pot smoking? Nope. A DAMN DOOR! Croft’s Tweet reads that the incident “created a very uncomfortable environment.” An environment in which he and his family have decided to “depart” from.

Wow… that’s a lot to digest. Before addressing all of that, let’s take a quick look at the football side of things.

The Rockford, IL native ends his Golden Gopher career with a  2-4 Big Ten record. Leading an offense that got shut out in their last two games was an appropriate end to his disappointing season. A lot of the blame can be put on dropped passes and poor offensive line play. However, Croft made his FAIR SHARE of mistakes. The 6’0″ 200 pound dual-threat QB’s 42.0 completion percentage over the year speaks for itself. Freshman Tanner Morgan was behind Croft and Conor Rhoda on the depth chart at season’s end. With Demry jumping ship (pun intended) and Conor graduating, it is anticipated Morgan or Seth Green will start 2018 as Viramontes’ backup.

First of all, best of luck to Demry Croft moving forward. Let’s hope that the 20 year-old can find a spot where he is happy. With that said, I call bullshit. He did SOMETHING wrong. Maybe that something was related to the door, maybe it wasn’t. If it is was ONLY THE DOOR and video CLEARLY showed Croft had NOTHING to do with its damage, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

I’m no lawyer, but I used to binge Law and Order episodes. If you have video evidence, then let’s see that shit. Video evidence can clear the most heinous of accusations. That’s across the board. It covers heinous criminal acts, breaking doors on college campuses, and everything in between. If Steven Avery had footage of an alibi, Making A Murderer is never produced. Croft is spin-zoning the hell out of this to put himself in the best light possible.

In conclusion, I need to get something off of my chest. In 7th grade, I lost in Madden and punched my bedroom door. Unlike the Croft saga, I’m DEFINITELY the person who broke that door. Can you really blame me, though? My opponent ran Goal-line all game. After his JaMarcus Russell QB sneak for the win, I went full psycho. Amazingly, my response of punching wood didn’t make me feel any better.

That game rattles me 100x more than Demry leaving. If it’s broke, fix it. Our offense was broke this season. Between P.J., Victor Viramontes, and what will be a plethora of others, this will be one fun healing process.

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