Dave Chappelle Adds, Sells Out Two Additional Shows in Minneapolis

Photo: Lester Cohen

Famed actor and comedian, Dave Chappelle, was scheduled to perform at the First Avenue Nightclub in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday night. But that’s not how the day unfolded. Instead, the show was cancelled moved to a different location just hours before he took the stage.

Why? Because First Avenue folded to the woke mob, which had increased its local cancellation campaign against Chappelle’s performance in recent days. Something he’s become used to dealing with of late (keep reading for more on that).

Varsity Theater cashes in; So does Chappelle

But Chappelle’s set wasn’t shut down. It was hastily moved within the same city, to Minneapolis’ Varsity Theater. The venue was more than happy to scramble things up and accommodate — make a lot of money for hosting — such a popular performer.

In fact, Dave Chappelle and his new favorite Minneapolis theater capitalized on the opportunity and booked two additional shows. Instead of one performance on both Wednesday and Thursday night. Dave is performing twice each night. Once at 8:00 PM and again at 10:30 PM.

Another ‘L’ for the Woke Mob

The woke internet mafia has made Chappelle one of its top takedown targets over the past few years. They put an incredible amount of pressure on Netflix to cancel an exclusive “Dave Chappelle” comedy special that’s very popular on the streaming service. But Netflix held strong, and even added new Chappelle content after refusing to de-platform him.

When his Minneapolis performance was first called off on Wednesday night, cancel culture thought it had secured a rare victory over the ever-slippery comedian. Now, they have to live out the rest of their depressing lives knowing that, not only did their concentrated cancellation attempt fail, but it allowed Chappelle to spread his “bigoted” message to countless of additional people. More performances, more money and another big bump in name recognition.

Better luck next time.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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