Danielle Hunter Reportedly ‘Won’t Hold Vikings Hostage for New Deal’

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The Danielle Hunter saga continues. But this time, depending on whether or not you trust Paul Allen (KFAN) as a conduit, the news could make you breathe easier. The voice of the Minnesota Vikings opened his daily radio show “Nine to Noon” today, with fresh steam about the Hunter rumors that have been circling the Twin Cities in recent weeks.

If you’d like to get caught up on the drama surrounding Hunter, you can start HERE, then go HERE. But most importantly, read HERE if you need any help with what PA is referencing in the clips below. Lastly, if you want to read about how a new deal could benefit both the Vikings and Danielle, you can read HERE.

Things to remember

Now that everyone is caught up on how we got to where we are today, here is what Paul Allen had to say Thursday morning at 9:15-9:30 AM, about the Danielle Hunter rumor mill. Remember, PA is certainly plugged in with the right people inside of TCO Performance Center. Not just plugged in, he’s good friends with both the head coach and GM, just as an example.

But most of his sources are from the team. Hell, this could be fed to him from Spielman or Zimmer, themselves. We’ll see if there’s any reaction from Hunter’s side as the day goes on. I mean, this is a DIRECT dismissal of Chad Graff’s report from earlier this week.

Impeccable source told me last night, there is no truth to Danielle Hunter planning to hold the team hostage for a new deal. I don’t share it into the microphone if I don’t believe it to be impeccable and true.

Paul Allen (Vikings Radio Play by Play) – KFAN

Source said, the twitter stuff is total BS. Danielle may have contacted the team to inform them the rumors are wrong. But that’s from a B-level source so it’s only just probably right…

Paul Allen (Vikings Radio Play by Play) – KFAN


This report from PA essentially throws everything that Chad Graff wrote the other day and throws it back in his face. Allen VERY rarely goes out of his way to source out and emphatically refute a legitimate publisher report like this. Chad Graff writes for The Athletic, which may be new to the game but is currently one of the most respected outlets in the sports news business. On top of that, KFAN has helped The Athletic build its massive following in Minnesota, as it’s come to relevance over the last handful of years.

Obviously, Allen trusts his source (at least one of them) but Graff probably feels the same way about his. So we’ll see where this goes from here.

PA scoops Zimmer’s feelings about Patrick Peterson

Before he got to the Hunter situation, Paul Allen first “sourced” out Mike Zimmer’s feelings about the Patrick Peterson signing. He opened his show this morning with all of this, so you’ll be able to podcast it all shortly. Until then, here is a quick recap by PA, himself, on all of the news he dropped this morning.

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