D’Angelo Russell Likely to Sit vs Warriors With “Quad Contusion”

Photo: Brad Rempel - USA TODAY Sports

Maybe D’Angelo Russell really did need rest a couple of nights ago when the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the New Orleans Pelicans. And it’s possible he did develop a “quad contusion” since then… but the two absences and their subsequent diagnoses don’t make for very good optics.

No matter, DLo is likely sit tonight vs the Golden State Warriors.

The Wolves actually won without D’Angelo Russell on Saturday night vs the Pelicans. Maybe they’re trying to duplicate that formula? I doubt it… but it certainly would look pretty bad if they got another win without him tonight.

Tank tank tank?

On the other hand, maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves read my blog from the other day and have realized that tanking is their best option for 2021. This team needs a top-3 slot in next offseason’s draft or they lose their pick to the same team they are playing tonight, the Golden State Warriors.

Already sitting in salary cap hell, winning the NBA Draft Lottery could be their only ticket out of the dumps. But even with the worst record in the NBA, there’s no guarantee the Wolves land a top-3 spot. Still, the more games they lose, the better chances they have…

At this point, I struggle to find a better option.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan