Dalvin Cook’s Agent Calls Mike Zimmer a Liar… lol

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Earlier today, Mike Zimmer had a classic “Mike Zimmer” moment. When asked about the possibility of his best offensive player — Dalvin Cook — holding out, he gave the “wrong” answer. Instead of being generic and misleading like he was supposed to be (Russell Wilson style), he was honest.

Zim told media that Cook would be reporting to camp, or at least, that’s what he was told by Dalvin himself. Again, that’s not the recommended answer by the generic media handbook… because you could, in theory, hurt your player’s side of the negotiations.

Cook and the rest of the team are scheduled to report to training camp on Tuesday so Dalvin’s agent, Zac Hiller, felt like he had to respond (apparently)… He did so by calling Mike Zimmer a liar.

Dalvin will get his new deal.

I expect Dalvin Cook to sign an extension on Tuesday, before he officially goes into testing and quarantine, to prepare (COVID-style) for camp workouts. That’s clearly what this is all setting up for.

As Ameer wrote about earlier today, the CBA doesn’t allow for Cook to holdout. It’s not in his best interest. Everyone on both sides of these negotiations knows that. If a deal wasn’t going to get done, Cook’s side would have softened their holdout stance. They’re standing strong because a deal is clearly coming.

Need physical evidence? Look no farther than all of the Vikings rookies, who didn’t get signed until they arrived at TCO Performance Center earlier this week. Too long ago for you? Mike Zimmer, himself, showed up yesterday and got the deal he was getting frustrated over. Rick Spielman reportedly has a new contract of his own coming once he finishes inking everyone else

The Vikings are cutting so many checks to new and returning employees right now, that I might try walking into TCO this week so I can see what I might get offered…

WTF is Dalvin Cook’s agent doing?

Of all people you could call a liar in pro sports, choosing Mike Zimmer is a bold move. One of Mike Zimmer’s biggest flaws, as an NFL head coach, is being too honest. I highlighted this point on twitter earlier.

I’m sure this is just a “negotiating tactic” by Dalvin’s side, but I don’t know what calling Mike Zimmer a liar accomplishes… other than mistrust. Everyone close enough to this team to care (including fans) knows Zim wasn’t lying in that interview. Why would he?

I can’t imagine this statement from Hiller will make the Vikings reprint whatever contract they have ready for Cook, once he walks through the TCO doors. If anything, it shows an inability to come up with creative ways to handle unexpected circumstances. You had all day to think about what you would tell Adam Schefter when you returned his text or phone call tonight… and “Mike is lying” was the best you came up with?

There are a lot of smart people in the pro sports agent business… so he’d better get new software for his excuse computer before Dalvin runs into one of them.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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