Dalvin Cook’s 2020 Goals: Prove Everyone Wrong; Lead Vikings to Super Bowl

The Vikings have constructed the entire roster around their star running back, Dalvin Cook. Diggs is no longer in the huddle, partly because that circle wrapped too tightly around #33, leaving too few touches for him.

But while the Vikings have made him the centerpiece of their offensive playbook, questions have arisen about whether Cook is even willing to play under his current contract next season…

We’ve discussed it many times and most recently wrote about it HERE, but the synopsis is pretty simple… NFL’s star running backs have a much shorter lifespan than other positions. Because of that, the best ones have been holding out (or at least threatening to) if they don’t get an extension before the last year of their rookie contract.

On the new Bleeding Purple Podcast we released today, Adam Patrick (The Viking Age) and I spoke with Dalvin Cook. While asking direct questions about his contract wasn’t an option, Adam and I did the best we could to dance around the conversation… and Dalvin sure doesn’t sound like someone who won’t be playing for the purple in 2020 (Dalvin conversation starts at the 26-minute mark).

Dalvin is a chill guy…. but he noticeably got excited toward the end of the conversation, when we he talked about leading the Vikings to their first Super Bowl.

Adam: What would it mean to lead the Vikings to their first Super Bowl?

Dalvin: “Yeah, that’s definitely my goal. Every level, I have accomplished success and took my team to some of the higher games and championship games, at each level. So, that’s definitely my mindset for the Vikings. I want to go win a championship and that’s what we’re working toward right now.”

Dalvin Cook – Bleeding Purple Podcast above

Dalvin goes on to talk about how much fun it was to beat the Saints last season in the playoffs and we discussed a bunch more, in the short time he was on the show with us…

…he also called Minnesota a city at the end of the show. Classic.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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