Dalvin Cook Should Holdout on His Agent

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Dalvin Cook got in front of media today for the first time since his agent (Zac Hiller) told the Vikings, Adam Schefter and everyone on Twitter months ago, that Dalvin would holdout and not report to camp if he didn’t get a new contract.

“He’s out.” is what ‘sources’ (Hiller) told Schefty.

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A couple of months later, Mike Zimmer told media that Cook would be at camp. Dalvin said so, himself, according to Mike. When Hiller saw that, he doubled down and essentially called Zim a liar.

When pressed on new CBA rules that wouldn’t allow Cook to holdout and still reach unrestricted free agency, Hiller tripled down. Even if he was contractually obligated to be there, he didn’t have to participate in practice, Hiller claimed.

Dalvin Cook’s agent was absolutely sure a holdout was looming without a new contract, no matter what questions or logic was thrown his way.

Hiller swung for the fences alright (as Garafolo said)… and he struck out. Then, he was thrown under the bus by his own client. Cook was peppered with contract questions when he first hopped on his Zoom conference earlier today. He knew the questions were coming, even anticipating contract talk in his opening statement.

When he started answering those contract questions, though, things got a bit awkward. It became clear VERY QUICKLY that Dalvin Cook was never going to holdout and whoever told the media that, didn’t hear it from him.

So apparently…. Dalvin Cook is paying his agent to spread lies about him? I’m confused.

Dalvin Cook Quotes (8/15/20)

“I’ll for sure be out there coaching, cheering, running the ball. I’m locked up full go, a thousand percent. I am trying to get better. I’m trying to lead this young group that we’ve got. It’s a hungry group, and I like the locker room that we’ve got. I think we’ve got some guys that are bought in and are ready for leadership. I think we can do something special this year.”

Dalvin Cook – Zoom Press Conference (8/14/20)

“That was never coming from me. I love football, I love being around the guys. It’s like a stress reliever for me, just being on the field, being around the guys, being in the locker room. That never was a thought that came towards me.”

Dalvin Cook – Zoom Press Conference (8/14/20)

“This is where I want to be at. This is what I love to do. I was going to be here regardless of whatever the speculations came up or [questioning] if I wasn’t coming. I was going to be here, ready to work. I’ve been grinding all offseason, hitting the weights, hitting the field, getting better at my craft and my position to get ready to play this year.”

Dalvin Cook – Zoom Press Conference (8/14/20)

The Agent Who Cried Wolf

Look, I’m not an idiot. I understand that agents have to do certain things and walk certain lines, to negotiate the best possible deals for their clients. They don’t mind taking some heat, if it means something good will come from it.

However, it was clear that Dalvin Cook was never holding out and it’s clear he isn’t even comfortable pretending he would. If the Vikings can call your client and find out that he isn’t going to hold out, what is the point in telling everyone he will?

If I’m the Vikings, I don’t believe anything Hiller tells me, from here on out. You can only cry wolf so many times. I’m a little surprised that Hiller didn’t come out right after Dalvin gave his presser this morning, to announce: “I’m not sure who told Dalvin Cook that he won’t be holding out… but I’m his agent and I promise you, he won’t be at practice.”

I love the way Cook reacted to these questions and I appreciate his ultimate team attitude. It shouldn’t be that difficult to make Dalvin into a victim figure who would run through a wall for teammates and coaches, even if the Vikings refuse to pay him for it.

Dalvin is a loveable guy and he deserves to be one of the highest paid running backs in the league…. and he might deserve new representation too.

Here is Dalvin Cook’s full zoom conference from earlier today.

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