Crying in My Vikings Cereal: The Fatal Missed Pass Interference on the 1st and Goal Interception

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I’ve had a night to sleep on yesterday’s loss to Green Bay and I don’t feel any better… I also want to apologize for my postgame blog, yesterday. That was a Kirk Cousins performance on my part. I read it this morning and almost hired an editor on the spot. Don’t click away from here too quickly, I’ve fixed it.

I’d be more irritated with myself but I’m too in my feelings over this Vikings game, still. I’ve shifted anger toward the referees and away from Kirk Cousins. Paul Charchian caught some light aftershock, for digging his heels in on backing up the money truck for Kirk Cousins 2 off-seasons ago. I’m a big fan of Charch but when you’re wrong… you’re wrong, and so far, Charchian has been wrong on Cousins.

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The refs were terrible for the entire game yesterday but the Kevin King interception is again trending on Twitter. This time though, it’s not to show the stupidity of the throw, on Cousins’ part. Instead, the lens is pointed at a clear pass interference penalty that didn’t get called on the play.

Look, I didn’t see this right away either, so I’m not even upset with the referees on the field, who didn’t call it. I’m upset with the replay official in New York who thought Dalvin Cook interfered with someone (i guess).. for doing something (i guess).. on Diggs’ first TD… i guess? Before yesterday, I wouldn’t have expected or demanded PI be called on King, ESPECIALLY from the replay booth. But the “Dalvin Cook PI” changed that. Whatever Dalvin did, or did not do, I can promise that Kevin King grabbing Stefon Diggs’ arm before his INT was worse.

See for yourself:

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How the fuck do you overturn Diggs’ TD, then run the replay for the King INT, and not see PI there too? Those replays are from the same game. Both would have been scrutinized in the same way, because TD’s and turnovers are both subject to booth review, before the game moves on. How can you tell me that the same person is watching those replays on the same day, and should have called both or neither?

You can’t. I don’t care if you think the PI against Diggs should be called or not. If Dalvin gets the call for his the King gets one too, because HIS WAS WORSE AND THEY WERE BOTH REVIEWED ON THE SAME GAME BY THE SAME PERSON…. Ok, I’m repeating myself now.

While I am pissed off, I’m certainly not surprised. It’s been made clear for a long time that the Vikings will have to beat refs, fate, luck, aliens, god, John Smith, and the NFL +  the 11 guys across from them on the field, if we are ever going to get a Super Bowl in this town.

Ok, I’m moving on to the Twins… or Gophers… fuck, I might even write about the Timberwolves, if it means I can get away from this play and this game.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

Forward Thinking: It’s time to start positioning ourselves for a 1st-round QB. We have a lot of expensive pieces on the defensive side that other teams would love to get their hands on this coming offseason. We could use one of them to alleviate cap strain and help bring back a 2nd first-round pick for the 2020 draft.  Spielman would then have ammo come the draft, if he needs to jump up in the first round, to grab our next franchise QB. (This is for the offseason and has nothing to do with how the Vikings will fair in 2019.)

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