Cruz Cleared; Dyson Could Be Ready Tuesday

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The ink hasn’t even dried yet on my blog earlier regarding Nelson Cruz’ health and Martin Perez’ suck but we already have clarity on the former (and more important) subject. It just droped over a half-hour ago but Nelson Cruz has no additional damage on his wrist, outside of the ruptured tendon that is causion NO pain, so he will resume baseball activities Tuesday.

The other bit of news pertains to Sam Dyson and this is more recent and may be just as significant. It looks like Dyson is nearly ready to go again… Hopefully the Sam Dyson that is coming off of the IL is NOT the same as the Sam Dyson who went on there. Hopefully we flew to San Francisco and grabbed whatever mojo he left there, that made him good.

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With how shitty the Twins bullpen (and entire pitching staff) has been lately, they BADLY need the good Sam Dyson to be the guy they get on Tuesday. 

As for Nelson Cruz, the season may as well have been over if his news wasn’t positive… but it was!

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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