CP84 Flirts w/Vikings on Twitter; Thielen’s Re-Worked Contract Complete

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Remember the Cordarrelle Patterson days? Back when kick returns were exciting? Yes, those were good times and we aren’t the only ones waxing nostalgic. CP84 has been on Twitter this morning @’ing the Minnesota Vikings official account.

Hey Rick, u up?

Cordarrelle seems to be enjoying the free agency game but it’s clear he’s wouldn’t be against a return to purple. Minnesota does have a need for return help but there hasn’t been any real steam surrounding Patterson. He’s certainly not the man he once was but he’s still a plus player in special teams and as a returner. He’s also worth having on your offense as a gadget player, if you can get the right coach scheming up plays. We’ll see.

Thielen Contract Restructured

The Vikings converted Adam Thielen’s 2021 salary into a signing bonus today, in order to make room for the Patrick Peterson signing last night. This was a move that’s been reported for days but the string had to be officially pulled today.

The restructure doesn’t change any of Thielen’s cash. He just gets it up front instead of getting it throughout the season. For the Minnesota Vikings, it means they get to push the cap hit out and stretch it across the life of the contract, which has three season on it beyond 2021.

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