Cousins and Cook Put Defense on Their Backs; Carry Vikings to Shootout Win Over Lions

Photo: @VikingsPR - Twitter
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The Vikings went into Detroit this weekend needing a victory. Say whatever you want about their record and place in the top-half of the NFC North, but they needed this win for other reasons. Kirk Cousins’ ability to play QB in big division games is under reasonable question, because he hasn’t been able to lead his team to victories in those games. Not only that, but the Vikings had yet to win a division game this season, with two previous attempts under their belt vs the Packers and Bears, earlier in the year. But mostly, Kirk Cousins needed to have a big performance vs a good team, in a big game, to prove haters like me, that he can hang in those situations.

And boy, did Kirk Cousins deliver (with a bunch of help from his right-hand man, Dalvin Cook).

After a slow start for everyone, Cousins found his footing quickly. And the Vikings would need his quick recovery because the defense was another story. Adam Thielen also left the game after he and Kirk connected for the Vikings’ first score of the game. From there, it was the Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook Show (Thielen never returned).

I have no fucking idea what was wrong with the defense. That’s a question I’m excited to hear Mike Zimmer answer during his postgame. He should be thanking his QB, HB, and entire offense for saving his ass today. His vaunted defense was nowhere to be found, especially in the first half.

But, this is a team game. The Vikings needed their QB today, and he delivered. Sure, he had plenty of help from Dalvin Cook, but that’s not going away. Not as long as he stays healthy. Good Dalvin Cook is always going to be around. We’ll need Kirk to come with him though. If Good Kirk Cousins doesn’t show up today, the Vikings lose, no matter how good Dalvin was.

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The defense was better in the second half and the Vikings were able to build a bit of a lead. The Lions made it close late… until Kirk Cousins came up big again, this time to Stefon Diggs. And who was there to finish it? The best RB in football. Finally, the defense came up big (when the game was already over) with an INT to seel it.

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Game over. Vikings move to 5-2 and the Lions still suck. The world is still spinning properly. Sorry Big Cat. You know the NFC North and should have known better than to bet on the Lions, though…. so let’s just be honest with ourselves on that.

Next week, we’ll welcome one of the worst teams in the NFL, to US Bank Stadium: The Washington Redskins. That should mean 6-2, heading to Kansas City, who will be in Week 3 without Patrick Mahomes. Hopefully “You Like That” Kirk Cousins comes along for the ride. I like that guy. He plays the hell out of that QB position too.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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