Circle-Me-Bert Survives a Rollercoaster 24 Hours… but was Never in Danger?

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, am I right? With all due respect, Valleyfair has nothing on the ups-and-downs associated with this bizarre “Circle Me Bert” situation.

In similar fashion to many of today’s news-related whirlwinds, the reports regarding the demise of Bert Blyleven’s on-air shtick began with a Tweet:

Once the Hall of Famer released the above information, initial indications were that the fan-favorite tradition was as good as gone. That bombshell, to say the least, was a tough pill to swallow. While many Minnesotans reacted in anger, I went straight to the grieving process:

During said process, I came across the origins of the “Circle Me Bert” phenomenon. According to Blyleven, the long tenured gesture dates back to the 2002 season. That’s when his employer, Fox Sports North (“FSN“), first armed the former big leaguer with a Telestrator. From there, with a “heavy-set individual” as his motivation, Bert went ahead and circled the big fella:

Previously, this article mentioned that many Minnesotan’s (for sure those Detroit Lakes’ Natives) reacted to Blyleven’s Tweet with anger. As for all of those individuals; you are hereby circled appreciated. In the midst of the aggressive (mostly passive) kick-back, FSN released this game-changing information:

Bada-bing, bada-boom. Like they say, legends never die.

First of all, f*ck yes! Who cares that it will no longer be linked to the “Winners Circle?” The important thing is that “Circle Me Bert” is back, baby! On the surface, this looked like a fan-ignited resurgence, that’s not the case. While all of the backlash appears to have generated a quicker response, APPARENTLY, the confusing scenario was a “misunderstanding.

Okay. I’m still not sold that this wasn’t one big publicity stunt (stay woke), but whatever. With confirmation that “Circle Me Bert” isn’t going anywhere, my conspiracy theory is irrelevant. Rather than stir that pot, let’s just assume this was all an accident. I mean, it wouldn’t be the network’s first mistake:

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