Charles Barkley Would Give Anthony Edwards the Twin Cities and All Three MN Lakes…?

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves
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There’s been a lot of talk about Anthony Edwards being compared to Michael Jordan. At times, Edwards has embraced that comparison, while other times, he’s shied away from it. While some of their mannerisms, traits, and skills do align, maybe we’re all looking at this the wrong way.

Jordan, who starred in the movie Space Jam, was tasked with defeating the Monstars to win his freedom back. Well, what if Edwards is a monster coming back for his revenge? At this point, we can’t rule anything out.

Charles Barkley agrees. Well, not with the Space Jam theory, but he does view Edwards as an otherworldly talent. Neither he nor Stephen A. Smith are not savants on Minnesota culture though, that’s for sure.

“That boy Anthony Edwards. They’re gonna get that boy all the Three Lakes and the Twin Cities by the time his career is over. Because Anthony Edwards is a flat-out monster. They’re going to give him Minneapolis and Saint Paul. They’re gonna have to give him all those cities by the time he does his next contract because he’s a great player, and he’s ascending. So he’s unbelievable.”

Charles Barkley gushing about Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards’ max contract begins in 2025 without keys to the Twin Cities or even three lakes (but that’s not a bad deal)

I’m not saying the entire Twin Cities is out of the question but I would definitely like to start the negotiations at three of our 10,000+ lakes. If Ant will stay forever at that price, he’d be totally worth it. In all honesty, I might have given him at least 1,000 of them if that’s what it took.

Sir Charles Barkley’s contract offer sounds pretty enticing, but there’s a reason he’s not an NBA GM and never will be. By the time his career is over, Anthony Edwards should have no trouble seeing his No. 5 jersey retired in the rafters of the Target Center.

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Lucky for the Timberwolves, Edwards recently signed a five-year, maximum-level contract extension with the Timberwolves that keeps him in Minnesota through the 2028-29 season. This contract will pay Edwards at least $35.2 million in 2024-25 and could even increase if he is named to an All-NBA team.

Depending on how he performs and how well the Wolves do in the playoffs, Edwards may very well have yet another massive raise coming to him in due time. If he helps the Timberwolves win their first-ever NBA Championship, then Edwards should get all of what Barkley suggests and then some.

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