CDH’s Trejuan Holloman; Another 2022 2-Sport Athlete Ready to Make a Name for Himself

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As an 8th grade Trejuan Holloman was already playing Varsity at Minneapolis North High School. View by many as the best player in Minnesota in his class. For his Freshman Year, and now Sophomore, he’s been the starting point guard for Cretin-Derham Hall (His Mom Crystal Flint is the Varsity Girls Head Coach).

Going into his Freshman year, Holloman has a few coming out moments. One, playing Howard Pulley Hoops he had this dunk, at a camp he ran the floor and threw down there, and don’t forget about this one at the CP3 camp.

Suddenly the 2022 point guard was on everyone’s basketball radar. Then, in one of his first Freshman football games, he picked off a pass and went 99 yards for a TD.

All of this brings us to now. Holloman has at least 7 Division 1 offers for basketball including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Marquette, Texas and Baylor; with Michigan State standing by. Since Tre is a 2022 Sophomore, there isn’t much for reliable rankings yet so we’ll have to see where he ends up.

Holloman’s background and tutelage, mixed with his athletic skillset, makes him shine as point guard prospect and he the stats back it up. While playing Howard Pulley 17U he averaged 3.4 assists and a steal per game.

As a Freshman at CDH he posted a 10.5/4/9.5 stat line while also getting 2.6 steals per game. Now 7 games into his Sophomore year he’s posting 12.1/4/9 while stealing 3.7 balls a game. Improving on already gaudy numbers with an offer list like what he has, is what brings in the stars when the rankings roll out.

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Q: I know the Gophers have offered you, and a few other Big10 teams, what do you think of the Gophers? 

A: They’re a good team very fun to watch.

Q: Your Mom went to Minnesota, does that have any extra impact on you to follow her and go there?

A: Nah not really.

Q: I remember last year I posted a highlight of one game of yours. Your Mom comment on Twitter about she liked I left in the turnover as a way of you seeing your mistake. You chased down the play for a block BTW, how much of an influence does she have on your game?

A: She has a lot because she taught me the fundamentals of playing basketball like how to pass correctly, how to dribble, how to play defense and just that Kill mentality.

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Q: Having that influence seems like a great advantage, do you use the knowledge she’s passed on to you to help others learn like your teammates?

A: Yes, being a point guard my teammates listen to me and what I have to say all the time and I learn from them too.

Q: You guys got a big win earlier this month on Minnehaha Academy in a good game after a tough opener vs Eden Prairie. And since the offense seems to be clicking, what’s been the keys for you early?

A: For us as a team?

Q: For you and the team.

A: Our defense creates our offense so if we get a stop, we get out in get fast break points. Also, we move the ball very well. I got good shooters on the wing Amari, Curtis, and J’vonne, and it makes it easier for me because I’m a pass first point guard. If the defense collapses on me, then I got a shooter to the right, or to the left of me, and I have a good post player, Will Burke who can make the layup if I give it to him.

Q: You and J’vonne played together with Pulley this summer. I chatted with him last week, you feel you 2 develop chemistry before he joined CDH this year?

A: Yes of course because I know he’s a scorer and he knows I’m a passer so I know where his sweet spots is so it makes it easier for the both of us. 

Q: Do you plan to continue on as a 2 sport athlete in football and basketball?

A: Oh course.

Q: Do you or would you play both at the college level if you could? 

A: Yes.

Q: I saw you were a DB last year in football, did you play offense this past season?

A: Yes I was a WR and played a little QB.

Q: Are you in line for more reps at QB?

A: Yes I am.

Q: How much does playing football help with basketball and vise-versa?

A: It for sure keeps me in shape and also helps with my quickness and helps me get stronger.

Ryan Schmidt | Minnesota Sports Fan

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