Twins Gaining Momentum with Carlos Correa, Mets Frustrated

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On Thursday evening, Jon Heyman (New York Post) reported that Scott Boras and his client, Carlos Correa, were back in contact with the Minnesota Twins. These renewed conversations were made possible after Correa failed (2) $315+ million physicals from Dec 20 to Dec 24, first with the Giants and then with the New York Mets.

Twins “back front and center” on Carlos Correa

On Friday morning, Jim Bowden (The Athletic) advanced the story; first with a tweet, then on MLB Network Radio (SiriusXM). Bowden went as far as saying the Twins are “back front and center” in the Carlos Correa conversation and ended the clip below with a quip about where Carlos Correa’s future Minneapolis statue might stand (transcribed below).

“I’ll tell you what I’m hearing this morning is that the Twins have some momentum here with the possibility of shocking us all once again. They are still involved in Correa and they’ve got a shot here. I think they’re willing to do a little more of a risk on the medicals than even the Giants or the Mets were in terms of years and dollars, from what I’m hearing. So we’ll see how this plays out but I do think progress is being made here. I don’t think this is gonna go on forever but the Minnesota Twins are, yes, are back front and center in this Carlos Correa thing.”

There is a possibility here that the Minnesota Twins come in and just go pick out Correa right under the New York Mets’ noses. It’s a strong possibility, if the Mets don’t move from their present position, don’t be surprised if the Mary Tyler-Moore statue someday has a Correa statue next to it.”

Jim Bowden – MLB Network Radio
Mets Frustrated with Correa?

When most of us woke up Friday morning, a reunion press conference at Target Field with Falvey, Levine, Boras and Correa all sitting together at a long table felt far-fetched. Even Heyman, in his initial report Thursday night, expressed a pretty strong belief that Correa would eventually resolve his differences with the Mets and play future home games in the Big Apple.

But Andy Martino (SNY Network) says that negotiations between Boras and the Mets are at an inflection point. That Steve Cohen & Co are considering walking away altogether.

Over the past few days, the Mets have grown “very frustrated” with Carlos Correa negotiations, in the words of one source with direct knowledge of the team’s thinking, and are now considering walking away altogether.

Andy Martino (SNY Network)
Go Twins Go?

These most recent reports, if nothing else, give the Twins a fighting chance at landing Correa. Could Minnesota’s original offer — somewhere in the range of $285 million over 10 years — end up as the best on Carlos’ table?

Is it really possible that the Pohlads are willing to invest all of that future cash on Carlos Correa after two failed physicals with other teams? I guess we’ll find out the answers to those questions soon enough…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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