Carlos Correa Tells Twins: ‘If You Want Me, Come Get Me’

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Carlos Correa’s contract situation has been an ongoing topic for much of the 2022 Minnesota Twins season, which will come to a close next week. We’ve heard from his agent, we’ve heard from MLB insiders and on multiple occasions, we’ve heard from Carlos Correa, himself.

But at no time has C4 laid the situation out more bluntly than he did on Thursday evening inside the Target Field locker room, prior to the Twins taking the field vs the Chicago White Sox. The question came from Jim Rich (FOX9). It centered around Correa’s possible opt-out this offseason, and whether or not Minnesota is a serious option long-term (transcript is below video).

“When I go to the mall and I go to the Dior store and I want something, I get it. I ask how much it costs and I buy it. So, if you really want something, you just go get it. I’m the product here and if they want my product, they just gotta come get it.” — Carlos Correa (via FOX9 Sports above)

Big Dawg Shit

Look, I know the Minnesota Twins have almost no shot at landing Carlos Correa’s services on a long-term contract, over the next 3-4 months. But, let me try to convince the Pohlads anyway.

Carlos Correa is the RARE type of proven baseball superstar that the Twins would be smart to invest in. He has all of the tools physically, sure. But that’s not what makes Correa a sure bet over the next 8 years. It’s his competitiveness and leadership. His drive to be great and help make those around him better is tops in the league.

Correa’s a true leader. Think Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady. I mean, did you watch that video? Read the quote? Normal people do not talk like that. It wasn’t buttoned up, it wasn’t political. It was a challenge to the Minnesota Twins organization. Alpha dog shit. Or as Billy Hamilton would call it, “some big dawg shit”.

There’s a reason why those are the dudes who stick around the top of their professions for 15 years. Talent is everywhere. Attitude like Carlos Correa’s is nearly impossible to find. Let’s remember, the Pohlads have proven they’re willingness to spend big stacks of cash on short term, less-risky roster investments.

If you’re going to invest, do it right.

The Correa signing, in and of itself, is a perfect example of that. He was the highest paid shortstop this season at $35.1 million. The way I see it, signing Carlos Correa to a long-term deal would come with far less risk than jumping from shortstop to shortstop every season. Or hoping Royce Lewis blossoms.

You know Correa is going to produce and you know he’s going to bring the highest level of leadership. He puts fans to the stands and helps make the Twins’ brand bigger nationally and internationally. What else? Correa keeps you in the playoff conversation year-after-year. And once you get there, he gives you an exponentially higher likelihood of winning games.

So, if you’re going to invest $130+ million anyway, why not set aside $35-40 million for the best possible asset available? Superstars like Carlos Correa rarely want to play in Minnesota. The Pohlads would be crazy to let this one get away. No matter the cost.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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