Carlos Correa Pleads Twins to Make Competitive Extension Offer

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Carlos Correa is the best and most reliable player on the Minnesota Twins’ roster. From his defense to his bat, Correa gives the Twins a consistency in up the middle of the infield and in the middle of the order, that is desperately lacking otherwise. Not to mention the leadership and experience he brings to a team that has, essentially, none.

Just last week, C4 got in front of media members in the Twins’ locker room and told the front office that they’d have to pay the piper if they want to retain his services. He compared himself to a Dior product. On Wednesday, he took his public display a step further, essentially pleading the Twins to send an competitive offer his way.

“The decision, it’s very simple. I’m going to have some conversations with the front office here and see where their headspace is that and where they’re at in terms of, I talked about marriage in terms of building a long-term relationship and then we go from there. But we all know, you know the game enough to know what my decision is going to be like.

And I love this team. I love this organization. My wife loves it here, loves it in Minnesota. Loves all the wives. She is very happy there. My wife’s happiness is my happiness. If everything is good at home, then it reflects on the field. So obviously, that’s something that I take dearly into consideration. But at the same time, I want to make sure that my son and my family are taken care of. Hopefully, the Twins can see the player that I am, the person that I am, the passion that I have for this game and the love that I have for this game. And we can get into some serious conversations.”

Carlos Correa (Above Photo)

Pay the man.

I mean, Correa is going all out with this quote. Playing the family aspect of it hard and racking up brownie points with his wife for later in the process. The guy is smooth as silk. Speaking of pleas, I was pleading with the Twins last week, when he gave his “Big Dawg Shit” locker room speech, to pay Carlos Correa. So I won’t write the same thing here. But if this organization is committed to winning, the choice on C4 should be obvious.

Not everyone feels that way, however. A large chunk of the Minnesota Twins’ fanbase wants him gone. Like Falvine has something better to spend the Pohlads’ money on. Everyone is privy to their own opinion. Even if it’s wrong.

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