Can I Complain About The Trade Deadline Now That the Indians Have Caught Us in the Central?

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So now that the Cleveland Indians have come back from their once 11.5-game deficit in the AL Central, to tie the Twins at 70-46, with nearly two full months of baseball left to play……. is it now ok if I complain about trade deadline moves that never happened? When can I take a step back from “enjoying the season” to look objectively at my favorite baseball team and still be considered a fan?

I need to know because the Twins pitching staff is fucking terrible and I need to talk to someone about it. Not just the bullpen… but the whole fucking staff. At least, they have been lately. And now Cleveland’s pitching and mediocre hitting is exposing us. It’s hard to watch. Smeltzer and Gibson are more afraid to throw strikes than they are to throw from flat ground.

Meanwhile, Cleveland’s aces — Clevinger and Bieber, are slicing through our record-setting batting lineup like the butter that’s been sitting on their counter for 3 days. This isn’t about our offense though, so I don’t want to dwell on them.

But hey, I don’t want to be the guy who offends people with funny little terms like “Pohlad Pocket Protector”. All I know is that the Twins failed to add pitching that they desperately needed and no matter what mistakes teams like Toronto made at the deadline or how much the Mets and Reds screwed up the market… it doesn’t change the result and how we now need to live with that result.

Not getting Stroman is the one that bugs me the most. Can we talk about that for a paragraph? Am I still a fan if I talk about this? Whatever the Twins offered the Jays was too shitty for them to even call back for a second conversation. For a team that needed pitching help as much as we did, that’s a bad mistake. A terrible mistake.

I still think the Twins win this division but why are we even in this position? Falvine told us they would make investments when investments made sense. They’ve never made more sense. We aren’t just talking about money either. You have the prospects. You don’t even have space to put some of them at the MLB level.

You need top-end piching in the bullpen and in the rotation. But, you did nothing. Sam Dyson and Sergio Romo weren’t the somethings we were waiting for either. No Stroman. No MadBum. No Giles. No Syndergaard. No splash.

Same bullshit.

And now we are paying for it. Even earlier than I thought.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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